Antiques Road Trip expert's eyes light up after VERY lucky spot at vintage jewellery stand

ANTIQUES Road Trip experts were left stunned by a bumper profit on a vintage gem.

BBC show stars Izzie Balmer and Charlie Ross headed to Surrey to hunt down the best bargains with a sparkling pendant necklace catching their eye.

Derbyshire-born Izzie, 31, admitted she was unsure if the pink drop pendant contained diamonds but gushed: "“This is absolutely gorgeous, this is 100 percent my cup of tea."

When it was confirmed the jewellery did indeed contain sapphires and diamonds, she snapped the pretty piece up for £25.

The BBC One show expert gushed she had "high hopes" for her item, something echoed by Charlie when he commented on the auction bids.

He excitedly said: "He’s going like the clappers, they’re exploding into action all of these online bidders."

This is absolutely gorgeous, this is 100 percent my cup of tea."

As the bidding fee reached £80, Charlie hid his eyes.

Yet Izzie attempted to spur on for a bigger profit as she cheered: "Can we get £100? Come on."

Bidding eventually wrapped at £95 – meaning Izzie made a huge £70 profit.

Yet despite her win, Charlie topped the table with his profits at the end of the day.

It's not all happy news and profits on the series though, as recently, expert Steven Moore was left "broken" when his porcelain teapot bombed during an auction.

Steven forked out £90 porcelain teapot, but with the auctioneer starting the bidding at £50 things were not looking good.

As no more bids came in the auctioneer said: "£50 on the internet, a very early teapot. Nobody else coming in at £50?"

Steven let out a huge sigh after the teapot sold for just £50 – making a £40 loss.

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