Apprentice fans in uproar as show favourite Thomas Skinner is fired

The Apprentice lost this series favourite and "people's champion", Thomas Skinner, and fans were not happy with Lord Sugar's decision.

Thomas was a standout candidate for many reasons – his funny quips, his infectious enthusiasm, his team camaraderie, and his excellent selling skills.

However, his journey came to an end this week after only securing one win out of nine.

One of the nicest firings to date, Lord Sugar was visibly upset when he sent the pillow salesman packing.

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"I like your honourability, and you say it as it is," he said.

"I also have to take into account that out of nine tasks you've had eight losses.

"If this was a war, and I was a general and we were in the trenches, I would take him – no questions asked."

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He continued: "But we're not in a war, we've got to go into business.

"It's saddening in for me, and it's nice being associated with you. I hope you have picked up a lot of stuff this process about yourself. I wish you well.

"Thomas, it is with regret, you're fired."

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He gracefully left the boardroom and thanked Lord Sugar for the opportunity.

News of Thomas' firing didn't sit well with fans with many confessing they're not interested in the show anymore.

"Thomas shouldn't have gone. He was the only one with enough balls to contribute risky decisions," one commented.

A second wrote: "Genuinely sad to see Thomas go. What a gent and gracious to the remaining candidates instead of the usual blah they give."

"No not Thomas! Well, that's all the fun gone out of this series then," another added.

"What's the point in watching now?" a fourth wrote.

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