Ashley Cain's sister says baby Azaylia is 'listening to them from heaven' as she spots baby's face in the clouds

ASHLEY Cain's sister Alissia says her baby niece Azaylia is "listening to them from heaven".

Alissia has revealed she believes the "crazy moments" in the sky recently are a sign from her niece after her tragic death following a battle with leukaemia.

"She's lighting up the sky for us tonight," she wrote on Instagram.

And as the sky faded back to blue she added: "And just like that it's gone.

"She came to us just at the right time.

"There's so many of these crazy moments happening to us recently.

"I speak to her every day and when things like this happen you can't deny that she's listening.

"I love you baby."

Yesterday, Ashley admitted that he "finds peace" from the sky following his daughter Azaylia's death,

The 30-year-old star took to his Instagram page yesterday evening to share a circled screengrab from a video that he had posted earlier this morning.

The devastated dad was shocked to see baby Azaylia's image above him in the clouds, with his little girl passing away following a brave battle with leukaemia last month.

Ashley bared his soul as he penned the emotional caption, telling followers: "Someone sent me this today from my story when I was out running and I couldn’t believe it. 🥲

"I’m finding a lot of peace in the sky at the moment. From beaming orange sky’s at night, to clouds that form my daughters face in the day.

"I’ve never paid too much attention to the sky, but now I look up to the heavens a lot to speak with my daughter, it’s like she’s showing me signs that she’s listening. 👼🏼

"So many of you have told me that she will always be watching over me and over the past few days, I really believe it. 🧡"

He signed off: "LETS GO CHAMP – I LOVE YOU ❤️"

It came just one day after his girlfriend Safiyya shared images of Azaylia's initial clearly visible amid a stunning orange sunset above their home.

In addition to the letter 'A' she also spotted angels, with the orange sky alone bringing the heartbroken parents solace as the bright colour was used to represent their daughter's fight.

As he set out for his run today, Ashley admitted that he woke up "hurting but inspired" by Azaylia – having previously vowed to keep his little girl's memory alive, and channel her courage and bravery at this unbearably difficult time.

Azaylia passed away at home on 24 April, and at the weekend Ashley said that the "pain" of not being able to see his daughter is "consuming his whole body".

He admitted that he was turning to running in his grief, buying a pair of orange trainers to represent Azaylia and her battle – adding that he hoped they would "inspire him to get out and work through the pain".

Devoted Ashley and Safiyya had been documenting Azaylia's brave battle online, with the little fighter winning hearts across the globe.

She has been nominated for a Pride of Britain award – with people across the UK previously taking to their doorsteps to "Clap for Azaylia".

At the beginning of April, the brave parents revealed that doctors had told them they could no longer treat Azaylia's leukaemia, which she was diagnosed with at just eight weeks old.

The family had just raised over £1million for her to get specialist treatment in Singapore when they were delivered the heartbreaking news, with medics finding tumours throughout her body – including on her brain.

In the weeks that followed, Azaylia needed several blood transfusions as she started to cry blood, and suffer nosebleeds – with purple bruises also appearing on her body as her illness meant that her blood could not clot.

She stopped breathing several times and began to suffer seizures in her final days, with Safiyya and Ashley providing their daughter round-the-clock care alongside their close family members.

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