Axed Corrie star 'broke down and begged for his job back'

One of the hardest parts of running a serial drama is the fact that the cast enter and exit via an ever revolving door – and when some have no direction left to go in with their characters, the harsh news has to be delivered that contracts are being renewed.

But one axed Coronation Street star managed to change their boss’ mind after he was written out – with top celebrity agent and ‘soap comeback queen’ Melanie Blake revealing that he broke down in tears after being given the news and ‘begged’ for a reprieve.

Melanie, who has released a chart topping novel set in the fictional soap studio of Falcon Bay, opened up about the incident, admitting that it was the inspiration for one of the key scenes in the book.

Ruthless Women is based around the production team and cast of an ailing soap and the pressures, sexism and challenges faced by women in the industry at the hands of a fictional channel executive.

But while the story is a (very entertaining and eye opening!) work of make believe, many of the scenes and input from Melanie are based on her decades of experience – with her representing huge names such as Claire King as Kim Tate and Beverley Callard as Liz McDonald.

Melanie famously orchestrated the much anticipated return of Kim to Emmerdale – as well as pitching the idea and getting the wheels in motion for Kathy Beale to return from the dead. And we are grateful to her for both, let’s be honest!

Talking about the scene in question, Melanie told Digital Spy: “‘That’s actually a true story. There’s an actor on Coronation Street right now that literally begged a female producer.

‘When she called him in to fire him, he literally begged her on his knees and sobbed hysterically. It was so awful that she actually ended up not firing him – and he’s still in the show to this day.’

She added: ‘It’s funny because I knew that story and then a few people who I know have read the book and said: “Oh, that’s him!”‘

Ruthless Women is available now for purchase – and is a must read for anyone interested in soap gossip!

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