Azaylia Cain's mum Safiyya says she 'aches so badly' as she vows to use daughter's 'strength' to help others with grief

AZAYLIA Cain's heartbroken mum Safiyaa Vorajee has said she will channel her daughter's "strength" to help others through grief.

Safiyya, 34, took Instagram this evening and told fans how she has been coping with the death of her eight-month-old two weeks ago following a battle with a rare form of leukaemia.

Ashley Cain's partner said she speaks to her "angel" Azaylia "all the time" and looks to her late daughter for courage.

She said: "Firstly I just want to start with a massive thank you to everybody that sent me the most beautiful messages, tributes, poems, words and really lifted my spirit over the last two weeks since I lost Azaylia.

"So many beautiful things, pictures drawn, they are so sentimental to me, I'm going to make such a beautiful room for her and use those things to do that.

"I wake up every morning and all I want to do is close my eyes and turn back over and hope it was all a dream. I used to do that in the hospital and now I'm doing that at home, and I actually can't turn back over and see Azaylia, and not having her to wake up to every morning and be in my life every day next to me and doing my mummy duties is really painful and tough. I know she is here with me as my angel and I talk to her all the time.

She went on: "But I just really really miss her so much it really aches and hurts so badly. And losing a child is just something you never think you would end up doing.

"This is the toughest thing I've ever had to face and I will continue my journey through Azaylia in life, of doing the best that I can, and giving courage and giving strength and being brave every day because I know that she would want me to be strong. She would want me to get up, she would want me to get up and do things.

"I will find that strength very very soon to get up and channeling Azaylia's strength that she has left me with and gave me. To help other people and families and be able to really support other people on their journey and the gift she has left me with to help as many people as I can to be able to survive and get through this.

"People that haven't got anyone to lean on, I really want to be their strength. To watch me and know that it is possible. Grieving and hurt, and this journey, you are not on your own.

"I know I hear Azaylia and she tells me to get myself together to be strong to be brave, and to go and help all these other people as much as I can for it to all live in her name of strength and courage, and Azaylia I will do that for you."

Reality TV star Ashley, 30, and his girlfriend Safiyya set up a fundraiser in March after UK doctors said chemotherapy would not be enough to cure Azaylia's Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

Within 24 hours they had reached their target of £1million with fans and fellow influencers sending cash.

Safiyya and Ashley are now setting up a charity in memory of Azaylia.

In her short life, eight-month-old Azaylia touched millions across the world throughout her battle with an aggressive form of leukaemia.

There were global landmark tributes, millions raised by generous fans and celebrity supporters who backed the family throughout.

Niagara Falls, the Blackpool Tower and Toronto’s CN Tower all turned orange for Azaylia as a sign of strength and unity in the family's darkest hours.

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