'Bachelor in Paradise': Brendan and Pieper May Be on the Rocks

It was time to pay the piper last night on Bachelor in Paradise. Couple Brendan Morais and Pieper James may have gotten a bit of a pass last week but on last night’s episode, they finally had to pay for their crimes and were pretty much run out of Paradise. Are the two still together post-show?

Brendan admitted to playing a game

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise]

Before Pieper came to Paradise, Brendan was getting to know Natasha Parker. When rumors of his relationship with Pieper started to hit the beach, Brendan claimed that they had only seen each other a few times before Paradise and that everything was casual. However, when Pieper arrived, she was confused as to why he would downplay what they had.

“I’m trying to understand where there’s the disconnect because like, I’m saying I’m here for you. And like, I want to make that, like, abundantly clear,” she said. “I could have just made it up in my head like, I was going to come in and everything was going to be, like, right back to where we left things. But I don’t know, it’s like I’m missing something.”

Brendan then explained that he had to get to know Natasha in order to make it through until Pieper arrived.

“There’s certain things that have to be done and certain ways I have to navigate this to bring us to this particular moment,” he said. “I can’t have a girlfriend, like, entering this whole journey.” He told Pieper that would not have been a “good look” and that he would have gotten sent home had he not done the things he did.

One of the most cringe-worthy moments came when Brendan told Pieper they had to “have each other’s backs” in order to take “advantage of what Paradise would promote together.”

Pieper and Brendan leave ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

In last night’s episode, Joe Amabile, Natasha, Maurissa Gunn, Demi Burnett, and several other cast members continued to question Pieper and Brendan and ask them what they were doing on the beach if they were already set on one another. Eventually, Brendan decided to leave the beach to pursue his relationship with Pieper off-screen.

Are Brendan and Pieper still together after ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

According to blogger  Reality Steve, Pieper and Brendan are still together.

“Brendan posts an IG pic with the caption ‘here for the wrong reasons,’ and Pieper posts and IG story that’s basically ‘sorry, not sorry.’ So clearly they don’t care what you think. I’ve posted pics of them together post-show, they’ve been seen numerous other times, they were together yesterday in Boston, etc. Those pics on Pieper’s IG yesterday were taken by Brendan. Like, these two have done nothing to hide the fact they’ve been together since the second they left Mexico.”

How is Pieper and Brendan’s relationship going?

Though the two may still be together, it seems that things between them may be a little rocky.

“We’re working through things,” Pieper told Us Weekly recently of the relationship. “This obviously isn’t something that’s super healthy for a relationship either, so it kind of is what it is. Every day, [we’re] taking it day by day.”

Oof, sounds like there may be trouble in and outside of Paradise.

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