'Basketball Wives' Season 8, Episode 12 Recap: 'Deception Indicated'

After last week’s episode of Basketball Wives endedwith Jackie sad and upset about a lie detector test, it was evident that thedivisions within this group would only grow wider. The whole debacle about a leakedconcussion story had the ladies wondering if she was trying to pin fake injurieson Malaysia, and somehow, Evelyn convinced Jackie to take a polygraph.

During episode 12, tensions continued to build, shadiness kept everything overcast, and there were a few surprising resolutions. Here’s a rundown of what happened in the latest episode.

Kristen is still bothered by the Byron-CeCe disconnect

She was mostly just bothered about the rift with Byron. Kristin and her husband, Thomas, discussed meeting with his father to try to fix things. Kristin got sentimental, saying things like she’d love it if Byron could see Kenzi do ballet.

Later in the episode, Kristin met with Malaysia and discussed the Jackie drama, of which Malaysia is over. She’s done. Kristen brings up the Byron situation, again.

She was hurt about it and acknowledged that she was wrong, then tells Malaysia that they invited Byron over to apologize for her words. Without CeCe. Malaysia tells her that it’s disrespectful to leave out the woman he loves. Kristin does not think anything is wrong with that move.

OG is ready for a change, Shaunie and Evelyn have girl talk

In a different scene, OG wants to be a football coach for awomen’s team. The coaches want to take her seriously, but questioned if she canbe a mother, psychologist, and everything else that’s required to keep a teamintact.

Meanwhile, Shaunie and Evelyn met and chatted about Jackie’s lie detector test. Whew. They couldn’t figure out why Jackie was upset with Malaysia for confronting her at the skating rink. They’re confused about the whole beef. After rehashing that, they talk about their non-dating lives then plan to try out a high-end matchmaker.

Jackie gets pep talks from two different friends

Jackie hung out with CeCe and told her about her planned podcast, media moguldom, and Evelyn’s polygraph surprise. CeCe told her the test was malicious, getting in Jackie’s head about her friendship with Evelyn and comparing it to her experience with Malaysia and Kristen. CeCe also stated she can’t forgive Kristen for saying Byron is distant from their family.

In a separate meet, OG told Jackie about her retirement party and plans to coach. Jackie spoke about her roundtable podcast and who to invite. OG questioned Jackie about inviting Feby. She said she didn’t want to deal with her, but she wanted to apologize to Jennifer for ruining her event by trying to fight Feby. Feelings are hurt about who’s friends with whom.

Later, OG is in her element during a coaching tryout and receives good pointers from the existing coaches. They compliment her on getting the team to “buy into the system.”

She’s struggling with the idea of not playing anymore but believes that becoming a coach will help her stay connected to a game she loves. It looks like it will be a good thing for her.

Podcast apologies

It’s a podcast ponderosa. In a one-on-one moment, Jen sat down with Jackie to call out her behavior at the Sip-n-Shop event, saying it was distasteful.

Jackie apologizes for her actions and there are no hard feelings. Once the podcast starts, Jen apologizes to CeCe for being judgmental in the past and fueling the drama with Kristen. They made up!

Things fall apart again

Though CeCe was upset that Kristen didn’t invite her to dinner, Byron didn’t show up anyway. He went to a baseball game instead, and Thomas feels like it was just a matter of schedules not syncing up.

Really, it was mutual pettiness. In another frame, CeCe was reminded that her family has her back and she should be excited about her wedding.

The episode closed out with Jackie and Evelyn meeting for a meal. Jackie, mad that Evelyn didn’t come to her podcast event, became extra mad about what OG told her about Evelyn and Feby’s conversation. The she-said-she-said story about Evelyn giggling over her and Jackie really being friends irked her.

She’s also mad Evelyn had her take a lie detector test (couldn’t she have just refused?). That’s three reasons Jackie was angry, and she told Evelyn it hurt her to the core.

Evelyn’s response was that OG is the root of their problems and OG needs to get a job or sit down. And no, Ev did not apologize about the polygraph.

Heading into next week, there looks to be some issues withOG’s retirement party and more tension with Jen. Tami makes an appearance toremind everyone why she is staying clear of these ladies and the constant drama.Stay tuned.

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