Batwoman Is Battling Her Father for Control of Gotham City

Batwoman expands the world of Gotham City to include the superheroine. On The CW’s show, Batman has been absent for three years when Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) returns. When Kate discovers the Batcave, she borrows Batman’s costume, with a few tweaks to fit a woman’s body. It’s not just Batwoman against the villains of Gotham City though. Kate’s own father, Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott), runs Crow Security, who has a contract to run security for Gotham City.

Scott spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet before Batwoman’s panel for the Television Critics Association. He spoke about the power struggle between Gotham City’s protector, and of course Jacob doesn’t know his rival is his own daughter. We’ll have more with Scott and the cast of Batwoman here on Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Batwoman airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Batwoman and the Crows both want to protect Gotham City

Outsourcing law enforcement to a private security company may seem extreme, but Gotham City is an extreme kind of town. Is it any more extreme than putting on a batsuit and fighting criminals? Batwoman complicates Jacob’s plan.

“I don’t think she throws a wrench into it,” Scott said. “It’s kind of like they’re vying between Batwoman and the Crows as to who the city’s going to turn to to protect them. Obviously, the Crows think they’re the people who will protect the citizens of Gotham more expert and reliably than Batwoman who he sees as a female Batman obviously. She represents that world of selfish, self serving, unreliable dangerous behavior.”

Do the Crows really have Gotham City’s best interests in mind?

It’s easy for Jacob Kane to call Batwoman a menace. He wants to control Gotham City security. 

“I think he thinks he has the best interests of Gotham in mind,” Scott said. “Is he self-serving? Who isn’t? His ego is huge. But I think he genuinely thinks that he is the best person to take care of Gotham, to protect Gotham from the forces of evil that are out there, of which there are many. He’s trained. He’s expert. He knows what he’s doing.”

Batwoman will strain Jacob’s relationship with his daughter

Jacob and Kate already disagree on a lot of things. He doesn’t exactly welcome her back to Gotham City. Although Batwoman is a secret identity, it can’t help when Kate is spending her nights fighting against her father’s plans for the city.

“I think their relationship is strained on many levels,” Scott said. “Obviously he doesn’t know yet about her double life.”

When supervillain Alice shows up, Kate and Jacob disagree on how to handle her too.

“Also her relationship with Alice,. we don’t know who she is and they come to blows and loggerheads about how to deal with this particular character,” Scott said. “She’s the villain as far as he’s concerned, dangerous, psychopathic and needs to be eradicated. Kate is not of that opinion and he thinks that she behaves erratically, irrationally and dangerously with respect to his operations.”

Jacob and Bruce Wayne’s relationship is still a mystery

Jacob Kane was Bruce Wayne’s uncle, making Kate Bruce’s cousin. There is room to explore their relationship that Batwoman hasn’t explored yet.

“I think that would be an interesting storyline for sure because he’s his uncle,” Scott said. “So they obviously had a relationship so there’s a history and there’s a story there. If we do 22 episodes that’s a lot of story to tell. Then we’ll see if we do another season. There’s a lot of storylines to do so the possibilities are endless. I’m really, really enjoying it.”

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