BBC1 prop-makers melted huge pile of 80 sex toys to create special effects for Dracula remake – The Sun

BBC1 bosses melted down a huge pile of 80 rubber sex toys to create special effects for their new version of Dracula.

Danish actor Claes Bang, who plays the evil vampire, is seen being “reborn” from a fleshy membrane which looks like a giant condom.

The grim prop could only be created by using the stretchy and strong latex from the intimate sex aids, which had to be melted down one by one.

Mark Gatiss, who co-wrote the adaptation which stars on New Year’s Day, said: “The great revelation of this show is that the sack that Dracula pushes through is literally made from melted down sex toys.

“They were not, I hasten to add, used ones. But the only latex which is flexible enough is that specific latex. It took 80 of them to make it.”

Claes, 52, is completely naked in the ten-minute scene which was filmed in sub-zero temperatures in Slovakia. It sees him parade himself in front of a group of nuns with remnants of the melted toys still dripping down his body.

He said: “We spent five day shooting that scene and I have to say I was the one who said: ‘He should not wear any clothes.’

I know it’s slightly weird, but it was kind of written like that and it has an impact standing there with nothing on”

The reworking of Bram Stoker’s classic horror novel will air over three nights, and was written by Mark, 53, and Steven Moffat, 58, who also reinvented Sherlock Holmes for the Beeb.

It’s already been revealed that the racy reboot will reinvent the count as a bisexual bloodsucker who’s hunted down by a woman, rather than his original enemy, Professor Van Helsing.

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