‘Been winging it for a while!’ James Martin hits back after guest remarks ‘You’re alright’

Fleur East joins James Martin on ITV cooking show

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James Martin’s Saturday Morning viewers saw the TV chef cook up a meal for pop star Fleur East this weekend. James welcomed the singer onto the show and made her some tasty treats. However, he was taken aback when Fleur reacted to his cooking with a slightly backhanded compliment.

The TV chef interviewed Fleur on the show, while cooking her some vegetable tempura.

However, while James plated up the food, the singer poked fun at his fancy presentation style.

She asked: “Do you always present food like this on a daily basis though?

“Or when the cameras are off do you just like, slap it all together?” Fleur laughed.

As James passed the dish over to her, Fleur exclaimed: “Ahh man look at that! Where do I start?”

“You just grab a bit of veg and you dunk it in,” James said.

“Just dunk it in. Ahh it smells amazing as well,” Fleur remarked as she dipped some tempura in the sauce.

After taking her first bite of the dish she exclaimed: “Oh my gosh! Woah.

“There’s so many flavours. It’s like sensory overload, but in a good way,” she explained.

James replied: “There’s a lot going on. Yeah, that’s the sake, the soy, the little bit of miso, there’s a bit of everything.

“A bit of sugar, a bit of chilli, the ginger, everything else. But, it tastes really nice,” he added.

“I mean I don’t know what I was expecting, but it tastes better than what I thought,” Fleur confessed.

Brushing off the slightly backhanded compliment, James reminded the singer there would be more food to come.

He said: “Well, that’s a start, because that is a starter. You’ve got main course overload coming later on in the show as well.”

“You’re alright aren’t you?” Fleur remarked, causing the studio to erupt with laughter.

James shrugged and jokingly hit back: “Been winging it for a while, but you know, there you go.”

“Good actress, thank you very much for that,” he added, laughing at the singer’s cheeky remark.

Later on in the programme, James cooked some prawn linguine which Fleur gave high praise.

“Happy with that one?” James asked, with the singer replying: “Oh I mean what a treat!”

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9:30am on ITV.

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