Below Deck's Chef Rachel Was 'Foul' Toward Production, Ashling Lorger Recalls

Ashling Lorger from Below Deck recently recalled how “foul” chef Rachel Hargrove was toward production especially when she rage quit on the show. Lorger joined the Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Pita Party which was when she reflected on her season, sharing that deckhand Rob Phillips wasn’t the only crew member who had been rude to production.

Below Deck’s Chef Rachel was ‘foul’ to production, Ashling Lorger says

Alli Dore, co-host of the Pita Party Instagram session, said deckhand Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters revealed that Phillips was nasty to production. Dore added that it reminded her of the anger chef Mathew Shea showed toward production when he recently quit on Below Deck Mediterranean. “Yeah, but also Rachel did that in my season,” Lorger recounted. “That’s like Rachel 2.0. Oh, she was foul toward production. Like foul.”

“Like to the point where it was like have a bit of respect, they’re people,” Lorger added. “Like, they’re not nothing. You signed yourself up to do this! Production and casting agents had been wanting me for two years. I was like yeah, yeah I really wanna do this. Like you connect with those people after a period of time.” Adding, “You don’t have to be nasty.”

Chef Rachel said ‘there’s a lot of stress’ from the ‘Below Deck’ cameras

Lorger was likely referring to Hargrove’s now-infamous moment when she quit the boat, melting down when a demanding preference sheet pushed her over the edge. She exclaimed that the guests could go “f–k” themselves to Captain Lee Rosbach, followed up by telling everyone to “Eat my cooter.” Hargrove also lost her patience with production when they followed her while she packed. She flipped off a cameraman. “In your best interest, I really think you should f–king call your hounds. That’s not cool. So, get the f–k out,” ET recounts.  

“It’s a lot of stress when you got all those cameras in your face constantly,” she said. But said she owns her behavior, including some alcohol-fueled nights out with the crew. “I’m not one of those people who backtrack and try to go, ‘Oh, I didn’t do that…’ Meanwhile, there’s eight cameras in your face and seven up in the ceiling,” she said. “So it’s like, you know, OK, no. I’m gonna own it. It is what it is.”

‘Below Deck’ production and crew had no idea about how bad Covid was about to get

Hargrove was also pushed even further because she was getting news about coronavirus (Covid-19) from her boyfriend who lived in Italy. At the time of filming, Covid was only just emerging, hitting Italy especially hard. She’s seen breaking down in the bathroom after a phone call with him, hours before she quit the boat.

“Unfortunately, these guys have no idea what preceded them, especially, like, I think at this point, Rome Fiumicino had already shut down and Nice Airport was shutting down with COVID,” she recalled on the Below Deck After Show. “So I was like, I need to go home, and I need to prioritize what’s most important. And if I’m gonna deal with drama, I’m gonna deal with drama at home.” Like Shea, Hargrove dramatically quit but returned the next day. She finished out what was left of the season.

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