Black Mirror's creators on why Miley Cyrus was accidentally perfect for series 5

Black Mirror’s highly-anticipated Miley Cyrus episode is just over two weeks from dropping onto our screens – and you already know it’s going to be epic.

In Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, Miley will be playing popstar sensation Ashley, and the trailer alone shows that she is probably not as happy as her life appears to be (before everything takes a very Black Mirror twist).

Some fans online have immediately compared the first look at the episode to a dark version of Miley’s much-loved former Disney double life as Hannah Montana.

But creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones assures that was an entirely happy accident.

Speaking to about the episode, Charlie said: ‘In writing the script, we didn’t know, we wouldn’t dare think, we’d be able to get Miley Cyrus for the part.

‘The script was written and then it was like “well who can play this part of the international pop star? We need someone who’s a convincing international pop star but also a great actor?”’

‘We thought it would be great if we had someone like Miley Cyrus, there’s no way we’d get her, but we’ve got nothing to lose by trying to get the script to her I guess,’ he continued.

‘Then we were extremely lucky and pretty gobsmacked that she’d heard of the show, read the script, liked that and got on the Skype call with us.’

Whatever is coming up for us in the new episodes, there’s one thing for sure – the Hannah Montana-like connection in Brooker and Jones’ dystopian, Black Mirror future was unintentional (though everyone’s got to admit – pretty fun).

‘We did have a conversation at one point which was like “will people take this as a meta Hannah Montana thing”, but we didn’t worry about that too much, and she’s such a good sport,’ Charlie added.

‘She’s willing to slightly satirize the music industry, she’s happy to sort’ve have fun with that.’

‘I think it’s less Hannah Montana and more she gave us that authenticity, you don’t have to worry about,’ Annabel added. ‘It’s quite a big ask for an actor in a 90 minute film to establish themselves as an international pop star within seconds.’

‘So to have Miley come in and have that presence and charisma, which is why she’s an international popstar, is a huge benefit to the film, so we don’t have to worry about that, we don’t have to work on giving her credibility, we just have to hit the road from the beginning with that set up and then just peel back the layers very quickly,’ she added.

Teasing what to come at a press Q&A, Charlie later teased why he thought Miley was up for coming on board.

‘I seem to remember she said “this will p**s a lot of people off and p***ing people off is kind of my thing”,’ he laughed.

‘She read the script and as you can imagine, there’s quite a few things in the script that she identified with, and she’s got a very sarcastic sense of humour,’ Annabel explained. ‘She’s very funny, and very ascerbic and she delights in subverting things – her whole career has been the Disney pop star who tries to carve out her own identity.

‘She was like “I can have so much fun with this.”’

Black Mirror series 5 returns 5 June on Netflix.

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