'Blue Bloods' Fans Hope Danny and Baez Will Get Together This Season

Blue Bloods is a CBS show that has been on the air since 2010. A decade later and it’s still going strong. The show focuses on the Reagan family, who are a family of New York cops. Of course, the show doesn’t only focus on the family. Other characters interact with the Reagans, and a prominent one is Maria Baez. Danny and Maria are just partners on the force, but a romance may be bubbling up between them.

Danny Reagan and Maria Baez

Donnie Wahlberg plays Danny. A few other credits Wahlberg has to his name include playing C. Carwood Lipton in Band of Brothers, Detective Joel Stevens in Boomtown, and Donnie in Return of the Mac. According to the Blue Bloods’ Fandom page, Danny is the oldest sibling and is extremely devoted to his family. He has two sons named Jack and Sean. He works as an investigator specializing in major crimes. He is a highly skilled detective who can be a bit rough at times

Marisa Ramirez plays Maria. Other things you may have seen her in include General Hospital where she played Gia Campbell, Miracles where she played Evelyn Santos, and The Young and the Restless where she played Carmen Mesta / Ines Vargas. Baez is an important character; she knew Danny Reagan in high school and ends up being his partner on the force. She is a detective like Danny, but at one point she worked on a joint robbery task force with the FBI. At 10 years old, she witnessed a local boy murdered by a drug trafficker. After entering the police force, she was able to use her position to arrest the drug trafficker from her youth.

Danny’s relationship history 

In high school, Danny dated a girl named Marianne Romano. Baez, who knew Danny in high school, was not a big fan of her. She described Marianne as “the queen bee, super good looking, a little crazy, and dynamite in the sack.” Danny agreed with her assessment.

Danny ended up marrying Linda, and they were married for 21 years until she died in a helicopter crash. At least that was the original story. As it turns out, she was murdered by Jose Rojas because Danny and the DEA were investigating his cartel. To help deal with his grief over his wife’s murder, Danny made it his objective to take down Rojas. It seems like Danny may be ready to begin moving on, as he has taken his wedding ring off.

Fan’s reactions 

Fans were excited to see Baez invited over for dinner with the Reagan family. They are pushing for Danny and Baez to get together. Fans on Twitter made it clear they think Baez being invited to the Reagan family dinners means the two are about to get together. It’s clear the fans are pushing for a romance between the two detectives.

Unfortunately, fans don’t always get what they want. In an interview with Donnie Wahlberg, Pop Culture asked him what his thoughts were on a new romance for Danny. He said, “Yeah. I think eventually it’ll happen. But I just think, you know, the audience had such a love and respect for Danny and Linda, and I think it, whatever it is, just has to be authentic.”

So, while Wahlberg thinks it’s possible a romance could blossom between Danny and Baez, he believes it needs to work naturally into the show to make sense and for fans to like it.

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