'Blue Bloods': Is Danny's Love for Baez the Reason He's Changing?

Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) is known for being a hot head. But the Blue Bloods character has been changing this season and a reason hasn’t been given for it. Is his love for Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) secretly the reason for the change?

‘Blue Bloods’ Season 11 started with Baez getting hurt

The new season started with “Triumph Over Trauma.” It starts with Danny and Baez finding the body of a woman in what looked like a park. Erin (Bridget Moynahan) puts pressure on them to solve this case by the book, but it quickly gets messy.

Danny doesn’t listen and pushes Baez to follow a lead with him by visiting a suspect named Harold. A woman answers the door and claims Harold is usually in the basement. Danny goes to the basement to check it out, but Baez is pushed down there. They were then locked in and Danny discovers another body.

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Joe Hill (Will Hochman) later find them so they are freed. Danny says this is the work of a serial killer, but sadly they don’t catch the person. Baez returns to work after recovering from being hurt. Fans then see Danny changing.

Danny is changing this season

The detective has always been quick to use force when getting information out of people. However, his attitude has changed this season. 

“The New Normal” showed a man resisting arrest from a police officer. He picks up the officer’s gun but holds it by the barrel. Danny points his gun at the suspect but lets him drive off since he didn’t pose a threat. 

The other officer gets angry at Danny for this and Baez also disagrees with his decision. For the first time, Danny plays things by the book. But he gets interviewed by internal affairs for it. Some fans thought this was very unlike Danny. 

Is Danny’s love for Baez the reason he’s changing?

The events of this season’s premiere will be returning. “More Than Meets the Eye” teases that Danny and Baez will have a case that may be connected to the serial killer.

This does bring up that Danny hasn’t forgotten the events of the case either. Baez was seriously hurt and she was angry with him for not doing things by the book. Has he been changing because he feels guilty for putting them in a dangerous situation with no backup?

It’s only a theory, but we know their friendship grew stronger after this. Danny invited Baez over for family dinner for the first time. This was touching given Baez has been open about not having a close family like him.

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