‘British public don’t want them’ Lady C warns Meghan and Harry will be ‘booed’ on return

Harry and Meghan may be 'booed' warns Lady Colin Campbell

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GB News presenter Dan Wootton had a candid conversation with Lady Colin Campbell about why she thinks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should not attend the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. The host implied the royal duo might be booed on appearance, which Lady C very much agreed with and added this is not a celebration for his “granny’s birthday” but a state affair.

Author guest Lady C spoke very passionately about her disdain for the happily married royal couple and pleaded for them not to attend any upcoming celebratory events.

Wootton asked: “Lady C, I heard for some time that there is genuine fear from Prince Harry and Meghan that they might be booed by the British public, and that might be one reason they don’t want to be here at a major event with tens of thousands of people surrounding them?”

The 72-year-old didn’t skip a beat and replied: “Well, that would be one of the few evidences of realism they have shown in the recent past.  

“With due respect, I think there is a very good chance they will be booed, and I also think that this is not only going to be a family affair.”

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