Casualty exit as Jan Jenning killed after discovering heartbreaking secret?

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Jan (played by Di Botcher) has been a staple character on Casualty for over three years and she has been at the centre of some of the show’s biggest storylines. As the BBC medical drama returns for a brief hiatus on Saturday night, the paramedic will be forced to confront her fears as she is drafted in to assist injured patients who have been taken hostage. When she discovers her wife Ffion (Stirling Gallacher) is one of those who has been shot, it seems Jan will do anything to save her life, even it means the end of hers in what could be one of the most heartbreaking exits from the television programme.

The drama begins when Jan starts off optimistic she can get her marriage back on track after numerous hurdles have knocked her relationship with Ffion off course.

What the paramedic doesn’t expect is for her wife to confess her secret she is filing for divorce and wants to bring their marriage to an end.

Just as the beloved character is trying to process the news she never thought she would hear, a call comes through to assist patients in a hostage situation.

It’s not long before Jan realises her spouse is caught up in the ordeal as she was the police officer on duty to attend the disturbance at a squash court.

Trying to be the hero of the hour, the paramedic jumps in an ambulance and arrives at the scene of the crime only to find Ffion has already been shot.

Luckily, the police officer is still breathing and has managed to get herself close to one of the exits which Jan enters through.

However, worried her wife will get shot by the gunman, Ffion urges the paramedic to leave the scene and allow the situation to play itself out.

After getting through to the gunman, Jan is allowed to stay but both she and her spouse are left disturbed as the assailant begins a live stream.

He tells those who are watching he wants to report a murder which has taken place and both Jan and Ffion look at each other in horror.

As the paramedic tries to find a means of escape, the gunman begins to tell his story and explains he has lung cancer which he thinks was caused by someone else.

It’s not going to be all sunshine

Di Botcher

Trying to build some rapport with their captor, Ffion tells the gunman she too had cancer and understands the heartache he is going through.

Feeling sympathetic, the gunman allows Jan to help her wife and pass her some gauze to stop the bleeding from the gunshot wound.

However, it becomes clear no amount of pressure is going to stop the bleed and the police officer is in need of medical attention.

The paramedic will try to think of any way she can get her wife out of the squash court without causing her any more harm.

Though she could come to the realisation for Ffion to escape, she could be killed instead as the gunman loses his cool.

Not wanting anyone else to suffer any heartbreak because of her actions, Jan could accept this is the end of the line for her.

After bidding an emotional farewell to her wife, the paramedic could accept her fate and let her captor shoot at her.

What could be more heartbreaking is Ffion could have been ready to take back the divorce papers to give their marriage another chance.

With Jan having been killed, the police officer could have to accept the relationship was always doomed and they were never meant to be happy.

But how will the rest of the team at Holby City react when they discover Jan gave up her life to save her wife?

Speaking earlier this year about her character’s future, the actress who plays Jan, Di, hinted her story could be coming to an end.

The soap star explained: “Well, it’s not going to be all sunshine and lollipops, and the truth does come out [about her delivering drugs].

“I think there’s only so much mental torture Jan can go through. Basically, her life goes to pieces and all I can say is that she gets discovered by the last person in the world that she’d want to find out.”

Discussing the favourite part about her alter-ego, the Welsh actress added: “I love her character. She’s got a sort of earthiness to her, a practicality and a warmth,” she told What to Watch.

“She can be very strong, but once you’ve got her loyalty you’ve got her it forever. She’s just such a capable, caring woman, who believes in public service, and she’ll go above and beyond for her patients and fellow paramedics. I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her though!”

Will fans be bidding a tearful farewell to Jan this weekend?

Casualty continues tonight at 9:30pm on BBC One.

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