Casualty review with spoilers: Ruby uncovers Lev’s past

Tonight’s Casualty started with a mystery. What had Lev (Uriel Emil) done that was so terrible that it made Ruby (Maddy Hill) refuse to work with him again? She felt so strongly about it, she told Jan (Di Botcher), that if her request to never work with him again was refused she’d apply for a transfer. Ruby was clearly very upset, so we knew it was something serious, despite the ‘Previously’ glimpse reminding us that Lev is the sort of man who rescues kittens.

We had a few hints that Lev might be the sort to go in all guns blazing and break up a fight if one should arise in the call of duty. Then he and Ruby were called to someone who’d hurt himself on the way to a football match – while also being very drunk.

Ruby was dealing with him in the back of the ambulance when he tried to grab her. Ruby, although shocked, was handling this but Lev waded in and dragged the man outside. When the man threw a punch, Lev fought back and in the course of the action a tattoo on his chest was revealed, the sight of which apparently scared the patient off.

Ruby asked Lev about this tattoo and he admitted it was from a gang he was in when he was young. They were football hooligans and ‘completely off the scale’ violence-wise. He tried to reassure Ruby that he was a different person now, but she’d seen enough to make her believe otherwise and this was the point where she decided to go to Jan with her request for a new partner.

Of course by the end of the episode she’d revised her opinion, after she saw Lev dealing really nicely with a little boy (the son of the thug they treated earlier) whose grandfather ended up in hospital after being caught between two sets of feuding football supporters. Ruby is cautious by nature, though, so she told Lev ‘We work in the same place. That’s it.’ It’s not going to be Banter City in that ambulance when those two are working together.

Meanwhile, Rosa (Jacey Salles)’s mother Xiomara (Anna Savva) turned up to visit her daughter a day early, because she couldn’t wait to see Rosa and her new ‘boyfriend,’ David (Jason Durr). At first she was disappointed. ‘Just a nurse,’ she said. But it wasn’t long before David had won her over with his own brand of quiet charm.

Xiomara told him she’s ill and she wants to see Rosa settled with a lovely man. She made David swear on her wedding ring that he won’t tell Rosa that she’s ill, which is obviously going to come back to bite him at some point, but then she gave him the ring to give Rosa ‘when he’s ready.’

He was ready about ten minutes later, telling Rosa he thought they should get married. She reminded him that he was just a fake boyfriend and he replied that ‘I can’t think of anyone I’d rather fake it with.’ Rosa wanted him to wait in case he meets someone he really loves, but it’s obvious that he really does love her and she loves him. So they agreed to get married ‘for practical reasons’ – or that’s what they’re telling themselves and each other. Could we be set for a Casualty Christmas wedding? Or will there be bumps in the road when Rosa finds out he’s been keeping Xiomara’s health worries a secret?

Ethan (George Rainsford) was shocked to discover that his patient o’ the week, Abigail, was the daughter of his HEMS colleague Big Al, who died in the explosion in the market. He was having flashbacks and everything, and told Will (Jack Nolan) he wanted to tell Abigail what happened during the incident and how Al died. This helped both of them to find some peace, as he was able to tell Abigail how Big Al saved his life and died a hero, and was relieved to find that she didn’t blame him.

Earlier on, Will had been advising Ethan to do something just for himself as a way of getting over things with Effie not working out, and we saw him looking at options to work abroad as a medic. Will we be waving goodbye to Ethan soon?

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