Charlie Dimmock looks unrecognisable as she wows in unearthed TV show snaps

Gardening icon Charlie Dimmock is instantly recognisable to many fans from her luscious locks and green-fingered personality.

The Garden Rescue presenter, 54, has been a staple of our telly screens for decades since her debut in 1997, when she appeared as the presenter to gardening show Ground Force – a role that lasted until 2004.

Since then, Charlie has appeared on everything from Charlie’s Garden Army to Hollyoaks.

She began her career studying horticulture at the Chelsea Physic Garden, before landing her dream presenting gig alongside Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh.

In one snap, Charlie could be seen crouching on the ground in green rubber overalls and a navy blue t-shirt, clutching a shovel as she prepared to make way in the ground for some plants.

Her fiery red locks trailed almost to her waist as the star beamed for the camera.

And in another throwback snap, Charlie donned a pair of bleached denim jeans and a tiny blue vest top as she clung to a metal railing, looking as though she would have no problem conquering the world.

Charlie has spoken in the past about the advice she received from TV legend Esther Rantzen about going braless on TV.

In 2014, Charlie said: "It was all very silly. I remember Esther Rantzen said to me, 'You'll be referred to as the bra-less one for the rest of your life'."

She added: "People still comment on it to me. Some of them are male fans, some of them are female."

But it seems Esther didn’t even remember handing out the advice, as she remarked to Daily Star Online earlier this month: "I said what?! I said that to her?"

She continued: "It is interesting – I think we've all been labelled one way or another. I was always 'toothy' Esther Rantzen. When I became a veteran, it was my age people concentrate on.

"Charlie, I've known a very long time. We saw each other recently and I didn't remember that she didn't wear a bra!

“To me – I think she's a bit too young to be a national treasure, but I think she's made it – she's memorable for her wonderful red-gold hair. I'm not really conscious of her underpinnings," Esther admitted.

She added: "She does all the heavy lifting herself, so no wonder she breaks free from the constraints of her underwear."

Charlie has been at the helm of Ground Force since 2016 alongside Harry Rich and David Rich, in which they compete against each other to design a show-stopping garden for a member of the public.

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