ChuckleVision fans can’t believe stars ‘got away with’ adult joke in hotel skit

Fans of ChuckleVision were shocked when a clip was unearthed showing an adult joke in the kids' show its producers somehow "got away with".

In the CBBC skit, uploaded by TikTok user @craig_dane in August, Barry and Paul Chuckle are working in a hotel.

Barry is wearing a suit and tie while his brother Paul is dressed in a maid's uniform and frilly hat.

A man comes up to the reception and says to Barry and Paul: "I'd like a room please and I want to go to bed now."

"What do you think this is, a hotel?" says Barry.

The astronomer says: "I'm an astronomer you see, I'm hoping to sneak a look at Uranus later."

"Really?" says Paul, looking surprised.

The astronomer adds: "That's why I want to go to sleep now, I shall be out all night."

As we all know, the planet Uranus is often the literal butt of celestial jokes because it sounds quite a bit like "your anus".

The TikToker uploaded the clip with the caption: "How did ChuckleVision get away with this?"

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Since it was uploaded, the clip has been watched more than 400,000 times on the video-sharing app and gained 24,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One delighted fan commented: "This is why ChuckleVision will always be the best and most superior program ever made."

A second asked: "Oh my god how did we not notice that's so obvious?"

"Please tell me why I've watched this so many times," said another viewer.

Someone else wrote: "Omg I'm choking hahaha so funny!"

On the flip side, a few people thought the joke was pretty mild and one commented: "It's not that bad kids would probably find it hilarious anyway."

ChuckleVision ran for 21 series and was cancelled in 2009, although repeat episodes continued to be popular.

Barry and Paul Elliott starred as the Chuckle Brothers and their older brothers Jimmy and Brian Elliott (known professionally as the Patton Brothers) sometimes starred in extra roles.

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