Cooking with Paris on Netflix: What does sliving mean?

Cooking with Paris is unlike any other cooking series on TV, given that Paris Hilton doesn’t really know a thing about preparing food. The Netflix series is made up of five episodes which will see Paris joined by some of her famous friends in the kitchen as they attempt to create less than impressive dishes. What was even more unimpressive though was the 40-year-old’s lack of knowledge when it comes to the kitchen.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Cooking with Paris.

In the first episode alone, Paris had fans questioning if she was being serious as she didn’t know what tongs were.

There was also the moment where she had to use a blender but headed straight for her pink electric mixer.

Without friend Kim Kardashian West’s help, it’s unlikely that their “breakfast in the clouds” would have even gone ahead as planned.

Another element that viewers have picked up on is the overuse of a certain phrase.

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What does sliving mean? 

Paris continued to refer to one of her first culinary creations as “sliving blue marshmallows”.

These were to be eaten alongside her cereal-encrusted French toast and fluffy frittata.

She also talked of her “sliving plastic gloves” and took a break from her efforts to have some “slive juice”.

You may not have heard the word before as it is a phrase that Paris invented.

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The well-known party animal came up with the word which is a blend of slaying and living (your best life).

The actual definition of the phrase is: “A person is sliving when they are glamorously successful, self-empowered, and fulfilled.

“They are “killing it” all on their own, loving every minute of it, and lookin’ good while doing it.”

The word originally cropped up on Paris’ social media back in 2019.

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She took to Instagram to share a picture of herself from a photoshoot, saying in the caption: “#Sliving on my new Oyster magazine covers”.

Paris later explained to E! News: “My new word is ‘sliving.’

“It’s slaying mixed with living my best life. I am sliving, sliving it, sliving my best life, sliving single.

“I googled it because I was like, has anyone thought of this word yet? And it’s not a word yet.”

All five episodes of Cooking with Paris have been released on Netflix today, Wednesday, August 4.

Each episode will feature a guest star cooking alongside Paris in her home.

These celebrities will be rapper Saweetie, singer Demi Lovato, comedian Nikki Glaser as well Paris’ sister Nicky Hilton and YouTuber Lele Pons.

Cooking with Paris is available to watch on Netflix.

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