Coronation Street fans blast Daniel blunder in Daisy stalker storyline

Coronation Street: Justin sneaks into Daisy’s house

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Coronation Street fans have been gripped by the current storyline which sees glamourous barmaid Daisy Midgely (played by Charlotte Jordan) stalked by Justin (Andrew Still). As his obsession with her has intensified, her anxiety has increased. He continues to infiltrate her life and her wedding plans with fiancée Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) are slowly falling apart as Justin chips away at them.

It’s a chilling plot, however, viewers were distracted from his heinous actions on Wednesday night by a continuity error.

Terrifyingly Daisy found herself locked in alone with Justin after he managed to get into the Barlow home.

This came after she had bolted the front door when he knocked.

Thinking that she had managed to keep him at bay he suddenly appeared in the living room.

It appeared that in her haste to secure the front of the house she had forgotten to bolt the back door.

Chillingly Justin said: “I was worried about you, so I tried the back door.”

An emotional Daisy jumped up as the lovestruck and obsessed stalker told her he wants to marry her.

The popular character appeared to be in serious trouble before Daniel arrived to save the day.

Whilst fans were relieved to see Daniel standing up to Justin and making him leave, they were also rather confused as to how he got in when the front door was bolted shut.

Taking to Twitter @Jamal06122771 wrote: “Am bamboozled how Daniel managed to get through the locked door.”

User @Cheryl_3003 said: “Didn’t Daisy lock the door from the inside? Then how did Daniel get in?”

“Daniel used his skills as a magical Houdini tribute act to get into the front door, which was bolted,” commented a user going by the handle @fussyMcWhiskers.

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@lunchtimelady said: “Daniel did well to get through the door after Daisy put the chain on.”

A user called @liadaksy seemed very confused writing: “Hold on………….. how did Daniel get in the front of the door was latched??” (sic)

@A_w89 said: “She bolted that door? So how did Daniel get in?”

However, some Twitter users did manage to remain focused on the storyline rather than the error although they still had questions.

Someone who is clearly a huge fan using the handle @I_am_KenBarlow asked:

“Why didn’t Daniel punch Justin? Justin was up Daisy’s ginnel, and then took her by surprise in the back door, and he just stood there like a wet lettuce?”

The pair did indeed come to blows later in the episode when Daniel saw Justin still skulking about but fans will have to wait to see how the crazed stalker retaliates.


Coronation Street is on ITV at 8pm on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

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