Coronation Street fans cheer as Daniel rips into Geoff after sex worker Nicky is brutally assaulted

CORONATION Street fans have cheered after Daniel Osbourne ripped into Geoff Metcalfe for his abuse of sex workers.

Daniel was left furious after love interest Nicky was brutally assaulted by a client after she changed her mind and tried to leave.

And later Geoff, a man known to abuse sex workers, tried to throw his weight around and Daniel tore him a new one.

Earlier Nicky returned to the street severely bleeding with a huge head wound.

She collapsed onto Daniel in agony, begging him not to call the police so she would be safe.

Nicky told him: “I was with a new client and I just didn’t want to go through with it. 

“I was thinking about what you said about I shouldn’t have to do it. So I told him I’d changed my mind. 

“I tried to give him his money back but he flipped. I tried to go but he lost it, he totally lost it. I’m a big girl, I can look after myself – usually. It’s not your job to look after me.”

“I will help you, you have my word,” Daniel said and later he got the chance when Geoff turned up to the solicitor’s office with an envelope full of cash.

He was trying to convince Adam to give him private details about Yasmeen’s case – but Adam repeatedly said no, and then Daniel chimed in.

He told him: “Everyone knows what you do, then you’ve got the gall to come in here and play the victim when in reality it’s the women who are at risk from men like you.”

Geoff stormed out in a fury with Adam leaving behind him, but he soon returned looking for his cash and digging through the solicitor’s documents.

He demanded an apology and claimed he’d sue for slander until Daniel explained how the truth isn’t slander.

“You pay women to sleep with you,” he told him. 

“I bet you’re one of those blokes who think they like seeing you and all. well let me tell you, they don’t. They only see men like you for the money not for anything else. You’re just a grubby little cash machine.”

Geoff fled humiliated, as Daniel took the envelope out of his pocket and counted the cash.

Viewers were left cheering with joy at Daniel putting Geoff in his place.

One wrote: "Karma has just smacked Geoff in the face. 2020 has been saved #CoronationStreet#Corrie."

A second said: "Daniel calling Geoff a “grubby little cash machine” is the best thing that happened this week @itvcorrie #coronationstreet."

Another added: "‘I bet you’re one of those blokes who thinks they like seeing you and all’ YES DANIEL YOU TELL THE FILTH @itvcorrie #coronationstreet."

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