Coronation Street theory: Ken Barlow betrays friend in steamy affair with neighbour

Corrie: Ken Barlow visits Norris in a retirement home

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Ken Barlow’s (played by Bill Roach) last love affair was with Claudia Colby (Rula Lenska) but the pair separated when he chose to leave retirement home Stillwater. He hasn’t romanced anyone else since but in the coming weeks, he could find himself falling for a neighbour much to the dismay of his new friend Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows). Will the Coronation Street lothario start a steamy affair with Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) behind his friend’s back?

Next week, Stu asks Ken to give him a lift to the wholesalers but their trip ends up being quite eventful.

While there, an officer accuses Stu of an attempted break-in before claiming Ken is clearly his getaway driver.

Stu is taken to the station where he clears things up but the officer asserts he had a lucky escape given his track record.

When he gets home, he tells Yasmeen, who is disappointed to hear about what happened and suggest Stu move out.

While soap spoilers confirm Stu has done nothing wrong, Yasmeen can’t hide her anger and Stu is forced to find somewhere else to stay.

He heads over to the Barlow house and is grateful when Ken offers him a bed for the night, especially after the drama of the day.

Wanting to try and win Yasmeen over, Stu serenades her with a song to apologise for the mix-up at the wholesalers.

But unfortunately for Stu, she doesn’t want to hear and tells him to move on.

It’s clear Stu is desperate to win Yasmeen back and is trying his hardest to show he is a changed man.

With Yasmeen refusing to even listen to him, Stu could ask Ken to have a word with his neighbour.

Ken won’t want Stu staying in the Barlow house much longer as the residence is already busy enough as it is.

Agreeing to speak to Yasmeen, Ken could call around at neighbour’s house and sit down to chat over a cup of tea.

However, while Ken is there to put in a good word, he could end up getting distracted as he enjoys his time chatting to Yasmeen.

Realising he has more in common with Yasmeen than he may have originally thought, Ken could decide not to speak up for Stu and instead plot to spend more time with his neighbour.

Not wanting Stu to know he is developing feelings for Yasmeen, he could tell his friend there’s no chance he’ll win his former love back.

As Stu gives up on his relationship with Yasmeen, Ken could swiftly move in to take his place.

Ken is known for being quite the ladies man and has been supportive of Yasmeen in the past when she was terrorised by Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew).

Will Yasmeen fall for Ken’s charms and start a new romance with her neighbour?

If so, news of their relationship won’t stay secret for long and Stu will be devastated to hear of Ken’s betrayal.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV from 8pm.

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