Coronation Street’s Abi death fears, Faye prison twist and Geoff ‘returns’

Coronation Street is set for another week of jaw-dropping drama as fans can expect a prison twist, death fears and a chilling 'return'.

Viewers have watched the drama unfold recently as Faye Windass revealed she was Adam Barlow's attacker.

She'd left the character fighting for his life in hospital after she attacked him thinking he was Ray Crosby.

ITV spoilers have confirmed Faye will hand herself in to the police as her guilty conscious gets too much to handle.

Elsewhere, Abi spark death fears as she'll collapse after a scary encounter with villainous Ray.

Faye turns herself in at the police station

As Sally and Tim row about the idea of moving to Spain, Faye hurries out as her guilty conscious bellows within her.

Desperate to unburden herself, Faye tells Craig how Ray attempted to rape her.

As Craig reels, Faye admits how she cheated on him, slept with Ray and ended up attacking Adam by accident.

Faye then hands herself in at the police station.

Faye exposes truth about Ray's sexual assault

Later, in the police interview room, a terrified Faye explains how she attacked Adam Barlow thinking he was Ray Crosby.

Tim rails at Craig, accusing him of forcing Faye to hand herself in, in the hope he'll be promoted.

Faye steels herself and describes how Ray tried to rape her and the attack was a bid for revenge.

At the bistro Debbie's is left gobsmacked as Ray is arrested on suspicion of attempted rape.

Abi vows to bring evil Ray down

Abi, Alya and Faye see Ray leaving the bistro and are devastated to realise he's been released.

In the hope of lending some weight to Faye's case, Alya reports Ray to the police for luring her to a hotel room to have sex with her.

Hoping to dig some dirt, Abi calls at Ray's hotel.

However, when Ray arrives with Susan, the Chairperson in tow, Abi dives behind the bar.

As Ray and Susan discuss their crimes, Abi records the entire conversation on her phone.

Adam discovers truth about brutal attack

DS Willets calls at Adam's office and questions him again about the attack, telling him new information has come to light.

Adam and Sarah are stunned as a tearful Faye tells Adam the truth about how she attacked him, and how she wished she'd reported Ray to the police in the first place.

Later, Craig assures Faye she's done the right thing by confessing to the police and that he'll stand by her no matter what.

When Faye reveals that Ray's been released, Tim is left raging as he storms into Adam's office.

However, Adam tells him he doesn't want to see Faye punished and he's told the police that.

Evil Geoff's chilling 'return'

Viewers saw Yasmeen's evil abuser Geoff die after he tumbled off of a roof while trying to get at his poor wife.

Since then, Yasmeen has struggled with her mental health as she keeps having visions of Geoff.

In upsetting scenes, she suffers a panic attack at work and admits that she can't get Geoff out of her head.

Elaine advises her to start doing things she knows the villainous Geoff would have disapproved of as a kind of therapy.

Abi death fears as Ray comes for her

Ray meets up with Abi in the Rovers' back yard and tells her he will to confess to assaulting Faye so long as she deletes the video footage of his crimes.

However in disturbing scenes, Abi suddenly feels dizzy and collapses as Ray grabs her phone.

A furious Debbie confronts Ray about the incriminating video Abi sent her, but is horrified to see Abi on the floor.

Debbie goes to call an ambulance, but twisted Ray grabs her phone and tells her she's going to help him out of this mess.

Will Debbie let Abi die?

Elsewhere, it's the end of an era for the Platts as they move out of their beloved home in upsetting scenes.

David, Shona and Gail pack up the house, dreading their move.

Gail confides in Nick about losing her home. Will he take pity on his mum and invite her to move in with him and Sam?

As the devastated Platts move out of No.8, Alya tells David about Ray's cash flow problem.

David finds Ray and Debbie mid-row and threatens to stay put at No.8.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays and Wednesdays 7.30pm and 8.30pm with an hour long episode at 7.30 on Fridays on ITV

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