Coronation Street's Nick Tilsley gets brother David Platt in a headlock as siblings come to blows on family holiday

CORONATION Street's Nick Tilsley gets brother David Platt in a headlock as the siblings come to blows on a family holiday.

Things reach boiling point between the brothers next week after David decides to tell their grandmother Audrey Roberts that Nick stole £80K from her.

In newly released pictures, Nick – played by Ben Price – can be seen grabbing David by his jacket collar in a woodland.

Then, he's seen with David in a headlock, with the younger brother looking worried.

Speaking about the scenes when Nick sees David – played by Jack P. Shepherd talking to their gran, Ben told ITV: "He runs over to try and calm things down and stop David spilling the beans but by this time David is determined.

"As David goes through it there is a choice for Nick to make and I feel it is right that he comes out fighting.

"She might be his gran but he’s not going to play her for an old fool, I’m just going to play along the route of showing David he is just as bad as him, he blackmailed Nick, they opened a barbers.

"If the barbers does well they will pay her back, she never had the money in the first place, they have utilised the money well, which she would never have done, she still has her business, they have a business and she will get her money back so actually, it was an investment.

"Ok it doesn't look great that he stole it but in the long run she will get her money back. He has always held onto that thought."

Nick is also under pressure as he's one of the Weatherfield residents in the frame for causing the Underworld factory roof collapse.

While viewers will have to wait and see if he turns out to be the next Cobbles villain, Ben admits his alter ego's relationship with his brother is bordering on being irreparable.

He explained: "This is where their relationship starts to break and down and the Cane and Abel dynamic begins.

"He is thinking now rapidly and quickly and what David needs to say to ensure they don’t go to prison."

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