Corrie’s Gary Windass is going to become the soap’s next serial killer

Coronation Street ’s Gary Windass is going to become the soap's next serial killer as he claims another victim.

On Friday, the builder, played by Mikey North, wasrevealed as the mastermind behind the factory collapse which killed Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia).

He will now claim his place as a double murderer by taking out gangster Rick Neelan (Greg Wood).

According to The Sun , it will mark the start of a downward spiral for Gary after his split from Sarah Platt.

A source said: "He becomes an all-out bad boy…

The scenes of Rick's murder have reportedly already been filmed, as well as those of his daughter going looking for him.

Gary reportedly has to lie about Rick's whereabouts and claims he had to run away from some trouble.

However, Rick's daughter becomes suspicious and questions why he would leave without saying goodbye.

Actor Mikey North recently admitted he fears Gary will end up either in jail or dead as that is what seems to happen to Corrie baddies.

The actor, 32, said: “It did cross my mind but as an actor you have to relish being given these storylines and I’m so excited to see what they’re going to throw at me.

“I’ve been here for over 10 years now and this is the most exciting period of time in Gary’s life.

“You want big storylines so I’ll take whatever they can throw at me.

“I don’t think Gary has any intention of being caught for a long time yet and he won’t go down without a fight that’s for sure. The stakes are high now for Gary and he’s got nothing to lose. Bring it on, I say.”

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