Corrie’s Liam Connor suffers collapse and gets devastating asthma diagnosis

Coronation Street is tackling a new issue of air pollution which will feature Maria’s son Liam.

Fans of the soap will get to see the storyline take place from next week.

It will see youngsters Liam Connor and Jack Webster play a game of footy in the street, where Liam collapses and starts gasping for air.

This leads to the ambulance arriving for the schoolboy but the paramedics are unable to get onto the street due to double-parked cars.

It will see the ITV long-running soap and Corrie character Maria beside herself and take drastic action as her son struggles to breathe.

Maria’s shocked to learn from the doctor that air pollution caused by traffic fumes is a common cause of the condition.

Weatherfield lad Liam’s upset to learn he has to use inhalers. A fraught

Maria takes out her worries for Liam on Gary. Deciding that Underworld’s van is responsible for a large share of local air pollution, Maria insists Sarah take it off the road.

Sarah refuses and is shocked by Maria’s reaction.

Later in the week, Maria tackles Sarah about getting rid of Underworld’s van to help the environment.

Sarah’s annoyed by her sanctimony and tells her to stick to hairdressing.

Maria informs Gary she’s selling their car and wants him to get rid of his work van.

Actress Samia Longchambon told the Mirror: "Liam has had a chesty cough, he's playing ­football on the street then suddenly he collapses struggling to breathe. He's taken to hospital and it turns out he's had an asthma attack.

"The ambulance can't get down the street because of all the cars, which makes it even scarier. At the hospital, the doctor says his asthma could have been caused by pollution and Maria just sees red.

"She’s fuming and it becomes her mission to get rid of the vehicles causing the heavy pollution on the street."

Corrie bosses haven’t given much else away for the fans and how long the storyline will run for.

However, we do know that Maria sees red and goes on a rampage where she tries to smash Underworld’s van with a crowbar.

The long-running soap has worked with the charity Asthma UK on the storyline.

Data from the charity show that air toxicity is linked to 36,000 deaths a year with Ella Adoo-Kissi being an inspiration for the storyline.

After she died aged just nine years old in 2013 with air pollution being listed as her cause of death.

It is the first time ever in the UK that this has happened.

Coronation Street will continue Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings on ITV

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