'Counting On' Fans Keep Expressing Concern Over the Health of Jessa Duggar's Baby

We’re never too surprised when a member of the Duggar family has a pregnancy announcement to share, but in recent months, it seems like many members of the family are preparing to welcome newborns into their lives. Jessa Duggar, a fan favorite from the family since the 19 Kids and Counting days, just had her third child and first daughter. And it’s clear she and husband Ben Seewald are ecstatic to add a little girl into the mix.

Fans love seeing photos of Jessa’s new baby, too — but it seems some are concerned for the baby’s health judging from recent photos. Here’s what fans are saying.

Jessa Duggar just had a baby girl in late May

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We are over the moon. ? #BabySeewald3 Ivy Jane Seewald

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The Duggars love kids — and while it’s unclear whether any of Michelle Duggar’s kids are going to have more children than she did, many are already expanding their families. Jessa Duggar has two sons, Spurgeon and Henry, and she and husband Ben Seewald just welcomed their daughter, Ivy Jane, on Sunday, May 26.

People reports Ivy was born via home birth, and it seemed like a much easier process for Jessa this go-round than it was for her sons. As Jessa and Ben wrote in a joint statement, “We were getting ready for church when my water broke, and we were thinking ‘Well, I guess we have a change of plans!’ After three and a half hours of labor, Ivy was born at 5:57pm.” They then added that at a little over seven pounds, Ivy “feels so tiny” compared to the births of her boys. “Spurgeon was born at nearly 10lbs, and Henry close to 9lbs. We’re so grateful to God for this precious gift. She is already so loved. Her big brothers adore her!” they added.

One fan showed concern regarding Ivy’s eyes

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Baby girl. ?

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Jessa and Ben have already shared several photos of Ivy with the world, and there’s no doubt she’s precious. Fans have flocked to Jessa’s Instagram to get a better look at her daughter as well. “She is a little spurgeon! [sic]” one fan commented on this photo of baby Ivy. And another added, “What a cutie….she looks like her daddy [sic].”

While the majority of Jessa’s followers had no concerns over Ivy’s photos, one pointed out some redness in the baby’s eye. “She’s so cute. But What’s the red ring around the color of her right eye (left one if looking at the pic)? [sic]” commented one follower. Many seemed to have an answer to this question, too. As another follower added, “my kids has it too. It is from delivery. It will go away after a while. It can take a while [sic].” Yet another mom answered, “A hemorrhage it looks like. It’s very common for a baby to get during birth. My daughter had one too. It goes away quickly.” Thankfully, it seems the eye redness is quite common and is nothing Jessa should worry about.

Others think Ivy looks purple in Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard’s photos

The eye strain is one aspect of Ivy’s health that fans noticed, but it’s not the only comment they’ve made on her appearance. Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, recently posted photos to his Instagram of him and Ivy — and fans noted she looked purple. “Why Is that baby so purple? But still she’s beautiful congratulations to all,” one of Derick’s followers commented. And another one added, “Curious why your baby is soo red?”

Fans had similar questions on Jill’s Instagram photos. “I keep looking at the photos. She’s a doll. But is she ok? She looks purple. I’m not saying anything mean. Just hoping she’s ok,” one of Jill’s follower commented.

Jessa’s baby appears to be perfectly healthy despite the worrying comments — and one of Derick’s followers also added their opinion of what could be going on. “My son was born with ruddy jaundice and looked JUST like that for weeks. He was perfectly healthy other than the jaundice. It happens. He went from beet red to dark yellow and then a ‘normal’ skin tone,” the follower commented. “Now he’s super fair like me and my daughter at three months old. She is beautiful!”

No matter what we’re hoping Jessa, Ben, her boys, and baby Ivy are all happy and healthy!

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