'Counting On': The Return of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Causes Mixed Reactions from Fans

Earlier in the month, TLC officially announced the return ofCountingOn, the show that revolves around the Duggar kids as they get marriedand start families of their own. As moresiblings join the marriage club, there is no shortage of new footage. Thatfootage isn’t exactly fresh and unique though. Over the last couple of seasons,fans have suggested the production house is reaching for storylines, and themost recent trailer might be proof of that. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar appearto be returning to the show in a big way, and fans aren’t really sure how they feelabout it.

Where were Jim Bob and Michelle cut from the lineup

Jim Bob and Michelle were the targets of much ire when itwas revealed that their then-teenaged son, Joshua Duggar, had molested severalof his siblings. The way the parents of 19 children dealt with the situationand subsequent fallout called their parenting into question, and TLC made thedifficult decision to nix the family’s reality TV show, 19Kids and Counting. It wasn’t long before the Duggar family was back ontelevision, but a few familiar faces were missing from the reimagined lineup.Josh was ousted from the cast, as were his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle.

Jim Bob and Michelle seemingly sacrificed themselves toensure the family’s media brand wouldn’t completely disintegrate. That hasworked out well. In the years since Josh was revealed as deeply troubled,several more Duggar kids have gotten married and joined the lineup up of thereimagined show, Counting On. The dust has also, seemingly, settled forthe network and it appears as though they are ready to bring JimBob and Michelle back into the fold in a much more significant role.

The Season 10 trailer indicated Jim Bob and Michelle will bemuch more visible

TLC recently released the trailer for Counting On’s 10thseason. While the show looks like it will cover most of the heartbreaking experiencesthat the Duggar family has endured over the last several months, eagle-eyedfans noticed that the trailer was a little heavy on Jim Bob and Michelle.

In fact, several episodes of the new season seem to revolve aroundthe parents who started the media empire in the first place. The show willcover theaccidental death of Mary Duggar, Jim Bob’s mother. It makes sense that thepair would appear in that episode, but there are a few other incidents thatmake fan think the couple will be returning in a full castmember capacity.

Jim Bob and Michelle appear in a segment about babysittingand Michelle also appears in an interview segment regarding JingerDuggar’s decision to wear pants. In short, the pair are seemingly making afull-time comeback to television, but fans aren’t exactly sure how to feel.

Fans have mixed feelings about their return

Fans were quick to take to the internet to discuss theupcoming season of Counting On. While many were excited aboutthe next season, the most prominent topic of conversation was the appearance ofJim Bob and Michelle. Some fans were oddly happy to see the pair returning tothe show, while other’s are troubled by what their reemergence could mean forthe future of the series.

OneReddit user noted that it looks like the family is desperately trying to geteveryone back on TV. The user said, “its interesting in this trailerJB & Meech were so present. They’re working on getting the whole familyback on the show.. Anna was super promoted in this trailer too I found, so, whoknows what they have up their sleeve. Most of the commentary n the trailer wasJB & M.”  Another user suggested thatthe family has been testing the water for months by adding Josh back into backgroundshots.

Theaddition of JimBob and Michelle may be a test by TLC to see how the whole family will doin future seasons. Ratings are allegedly slipping for the long-running realityseries, so the network really doesn’t have much to lose.

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