Crafty Stacey Solomon transforms toddler Rex's room with panda toys, paint and sticker – but sons point out huge mistake

CRAFTY Stacey Solomon has transformed son Rex's new bedroom after being left red-faced by a huge mistake in a panda display.

Yesterday, the 31-year-old star admitted that she was fed-up after her middle son Leighton, 9, pointed out that the three bears on Rex's wall looked a bit rude.

Stacey had attached the pandas diagonally – all grabbing onto the other in a line, but Leighton soon had his little brother giggling as he pointed out they were holding each other's bums.

She later took to her garden to admit that "everyone was getting on her nerves", referencing a sordid horror film as she confessed: "I don't know why I'm so moody, i think the Human Centipede pandas actually did send me over the edge."

But never one to be kicked down for long, today the artistic mother-of-three set to work as she tried to improve her feature wall.

Filming herself painting a balloon onto the space next to the pandas, she told fans: "My sister dropped a little label around this morning on her way to the school run and it motivated me while pickle is sleeping to do this…

"Sooo many of you messaged me to say if you paint a balloon at the top of the pandas it'll look better, so I took your advice."

Stacey then added the sticker that read: "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other!"

And she clearly found the entire process a bit emotional, admitting that she was tearful as she told fans: "Not me sitting here crying at a wall!

"The best thing in life to hold onto is each other… And bums, don't forget bums!"

Stacey keeps her millions of followers entertained with her regular updates on the house renovation, which she kicked off just days after she and fiance Joe Swash moved into the stunning mansion earlier this year.

The first room that she fully completed was the downstairs toilet, as well as much of the huge garden.

At the weekend, she also proudly showed off her stripped back oak wood as she posted before and after snaps of her stunning staircase.

Stacey often shares her visions for future works with her fans, who are excitedly awaiting the day where all of the transformations have been completed.

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