Dan Walker forced to apologise to Sadiq Khan after huge lockdown mistake ‘Apologies!’

BBC Breakfast viewers witnessed a number of interviews this morning about Mr Johnson’s latest advice regarding the UK’s exit strategy with Dan Walker and Louise Minchin speaking to several political figures, which included Dominic Raab, and Nicola Sturgeon.

Last in the queue to speak with Walker was Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

As one of the key figures in Travel For London, Khan was eager to point out that people ought not flock to the streets and return to work using public transport.

Thankfully, he did go on to praise the people of the UK for adhering to the lockdown restrictions.

Despite this, Walker assumed the Mayor had travelled into work this morning, as it looked as if he were in an official setting.


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On this, Walker asked: “I don’t know what time you travelled into work this morning, Mr. Mayor.

“Did it seem busier, London, to you?”

Khan responded with a chuckle: “I came from upstairs to downstairs – I’m at home!

“But speaking to colleagues at TFL it is a bit busier [in London].

“The early morning numbers for before 7am have a ten percent increase on the tube from today versus last Monday.

“But the good news is it’s still way down on this time last year. It’s about 94 percent on this time last year.”

He went on to praise the people of London once again, adding: “So the vast majority of Londoners have been fantastic at following the advice.”

Realising he had made a huge mistake about his assumption, Walker quickly apologised as soon as the Mayor had concluded his reply.

He jumped in to say: “Apologies! I thought you were at work, Mr. Mayor.

“I imagine the commute from upstairs to downstairs is a much easier one.”

Earlier in the show Walker was slammed by viewers for interviewing Dominic Raab with “soft” questions.

Raab didn’t appear on Good Morning Britain this morning, meaning he avoided the infamous wrath of Piers Morgan.


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To which, viewers pointed out on Twitter: “#DominicRaab is getting it so easy on #BBCBreakfast @piersmorgan would destroy him.”

Another added: “#bbcbreakfast Raab struggling with the most softball questions. No wonder he is avoiding Piers Morgan. Laughable.”

A third chimed in to say: “#gmb #BBCBreakfast Whilst I’m not keen on Ministers being interrupted but Raab is going on and on.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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