Dani Dyer says she didn't realise how 'selfish' she was before having baby Santiago

DANI Dyer admitted she didn’t realise how "selfish" she was until she became a full time mum to baby Santiago.

The 24-year-old reality star opened up about the realities of motherhood saying that she no longer prioritises herself admitting that sleep deprivation is real.

The new mum also said that she would easily cancel dinner date with pals to spend more time with her adorable baby boy.

Dani said: “I’m quite lucky as I have friends that do have kids and then friends that don’t have any children. I’m always ringing up the friends that have kids and asking questions.

“I don’t think you realise until you have a baby that they do become your life. 

"If I had a meal booked with the girls and if Santi was really upset and unsettled I wouldn’t want to go out for that meal. I’d cancel because that baby comes first."

The Love Island star said that she having a baby has made her realise how "selfish" she was.

Speaking on Sorted with the Dyers, she continued: “You’re not the priority anymore, I didn’t realise how selfish you are until you have a child."

The star reflected on her life before baby Santi admitting her little bundle of joy has changed her life completely.

She said: "You could sort of get up and do what you want to do all day. If you want to go out, have a nap, have a shower, eat when you want. You haven't got to time anything.

"So I can sort of see why your friends would end up distancing themselves from you and stop inviting you out if they don’t have kids.”

The reality star said she is adjusting to motherhood and can't believe how big Santi has got.

The telly star continued: “You’re learning new things everyday, I know he likes the pram to sleep in.

"He just loves being held and I am learning new things every day about him. He is the love of my life. Sleep deprivation is real though.

“He’s still obsessed with the boob, he takes feeding time really seriously."

Dani, who gave birth Santiago just five weeks ago, revealed that she has stopped breastfeeding one month after giving birth.

When asked by a fan if she was breastfeeding, Dani revealed that she has since stopped because she "really wasn't enjoying it".

The reality star said was really "struggling" and it was ruining her special moments with her son.

Dani explained: "I was breastfeeding and recently just stopped. I really struggled and wasn't enjoying it like I thought I would 😭.

"I wanted to just enjoy Santiago and not ruin these moments by me not being myself.

"Maybe on my next baby it might work better! As long as he is fed and happy then that's all that matters to me 💗."

The new mum also revealed that she has lost a stone since giving birth but insists she's "still got a long way to go".

When quizzed by a fan about losing her pregnancy weight, Dani said she's already knocked off 14lbs.

But she's in no rush to lose weight – and is instead focusing on her newborn. I've lost a stone!", said Dani.

"But I've got a long way to go. It's horrible when none of your clothes fit.

"I'm literally living in loungewear haha. But it's all worth it – I have my beautiful boy.

"I am trying to eat more healthy just so I do feel better in myself. But I'm not stressing too much about the weight. Being a mum is a full time job. My body can wait."

Celebrating her baby son turning one-month-old, Dani said last week: “We are in a complete baby bubble and enjoying every moment, can not believe he is ours, completely in love and so grateful to be his mummy.

“Sending all my love to all the other mommas to be out there in lockdown.. the best experience ever will never forget this day.”

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