Dave Myers swears in outburst as Hairy Bikers cooking demo goes wrong: ‘My new top!’

The Hairy Bikers reminisce about their families being together

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The Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers, were back on BBC Two on Wednesday evening for a Christmas special. The cooking duo travelled across the north of England to taste the best and tastiest festive treats available all in order to create their own Christmas banquet for their families. However, when Dave turned his attention to the mince pie element of the feast, things took a bit of a turn.

After exploring the northern counties for the best and most unique food available for their Christmas dinner, Si and Dave had everything they needed for the perfect festive feast.

To start, the pair had decided they’d do a twist on a typical turkey dish by creating a Turkey Doner Kebab with Middle Eastern Slaw and Hot Sauce.

Dave and Si had been inspired by a local chill sauce maker who’d given up a number of his products for the Hairy Bikers to enjoy.

And Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a festive tipple, which Dave and Si located at a rum distillery in the Pennines.

However, as Si noted, “it wouldn’t be a proper Christmas dinner if we didn’t serve our guests a mince pie when they arrive”.

Using the rum, Dave and Si got to work concocting Frangipane Mince Pies with Rum Butter for their families to enjoy.

“I love this recipe,” Dave said in the kitchen while Si got to work: “Oh it’s great. 

“I’ll make the frangipane,” he said before starting with sugar and butter get the recipe underway.

As he whisked away at the sugar and butter, Si explained his rigorous technique as he stated: “I’ve got to get the air into this, you see.”

Once fluffy, Si added his eggs, ground almonds and almond extract while Dave prepared to make the rum butter.

Dave had already made the shortcrust pastry for the pies before getting to grips with the blender to which he added softened butter and sugar.

“Brown, lots of,” he added as the sugar cascaded into the bowl before following it up with a “rasp of nutmeg”.

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Using the machine, Dave started to cream everything together while Si had the “fun job” of adding the hand-crafted rum.

After adding in six or seven generous spoons of rum, Dave upped the speed of the mixer – although he may have wished he hadn’t.

“I’ll get this speeding,” he said before the mixture began to splutter out of the bowl.

“Oh, s**t!” Dave shouted as he tried to dodge the mess. “My new top!”

Si came to the rescue to take over as Dave began to try and clean up his mishap. 

“You do the rum butter, I’m saving myself,” Dave said as he frantically took a cloth to his striped t-shirt.

Luckily, the rum butter was still good to go and it’s safe to say the entire feast went down a hit with their families – especially the mince pies.

The Hairy Bikers Go North is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.

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