Deadwater Fell location: Where is Deadwater Fell filmed? Where’s it set?

David Tennant returns to screens tonight (January 10) in crime series Deadwater Fell as it begins its four-part run on Channel 4. The show examines the aftermath of a brutal murder through the perspectives of two families as more is revealed about the secrets people in the remote Scottish village.

Where is Deadwater Fell filmed and set?

Deadwater Fell is a new four-part drama looking at how two families deal with the aftermath of a brutal murder in their small town.

The series stars David Tennant as local GP Tom Kendrick and Anna Madeley as his wife and local teacher Kate.

Kate’s best friend Jess Milner is played by Cush Jumbo who is married to Steve (Matthew McNulty) in the new series.

Things quickly begin to deteriorate for the characters after a brutal crime sees Kate and her three children found dead in their home while Tom survives the tragedy.


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Fingers begin to be pointed at the GP while secrets about their relationship begin to come to light.

The series is set in a fictional remote Scottish village called Kirkdarroch in the series.

Speaking about the location, writer and creator Daisy Coulam said: “Well, the village itself sort of becomes its own character.

“Kirkdarroch is a very isolated and remote place surrounded by forest and it’s stunning but there’s something symbolic about it that represents our story really: the idyllic look of it hides something more sinister.

“A lot of our characters are isolated with secrets, or isolated from loved ones. The village itself and its outer beauty represents that.”

The series was all filmed on location in Scotland, including a lot in the East Ayrshire village of Dunlop.

As well as Dunlop, Kilbarchanin in Renfrewshire also served as a backdrop for the drama.

Both small villages are located under an hour away from Glasgow in Scotland.

According to actor David Tennant, this was one of the huge draws of starring in the show.


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He told Channel 4: “It was hugely appealing to me to get to spend some weeks back in Glasgow.

“I still have family there and of course it’s a city that I grew up around and has always meant a great deal to me.

“Any excuse to return to Scotland I’m always happy to embrace.

“To be filming there with a fantastic Scottish crew and a lot of local actors too, it was one of the great joys of this job for me.”

Cush Jumbo, who plays Jess, agreed about the joys of filming on location in Scotland in her interview with Channel 4.


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She added: “Scotland is also one of the most beautiful places you can film. We’re so lucky to have that landscape.

“It’s epic rockfaces and areas of water and land. We had a really good time when we weren’t fending off midges.

“It really added to the feeling of a thriller and the dark elements of the story actually.”

As well as these villages, there were some other locations used in the new drama.

According to the Radio Times, this includes Culzean Beach, which is located in the Culzean Country Park in Ayrshire.

Deadwater Fell begins on Channel 4 tonight (January 10) at 9pm.

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