‘Desperate Macron’ Expert warns France painting Brexit as a ‘disaster’ for Britain

Macron ’desperate to paint Brexit as a disaster’ says expertLbc 2

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Telegraph columnist Robert Taylor has savaged France for “painting Brexit as a disaster” for the UK, saying the Emmanuel Macron is “desperate” to win votes for the upcoming elections. It came after the French Prime Minister Jean Castex sent a letter to European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, which caused puzzlement in the UK.

Calling on LBC News, Robert Taylor said: “The French are creating a massive storm about this, completely unjustifiably, in my view.

“And it is all because of the upcoming French election.

“Macron is terrified of being a one-term president.

“And he’s terrified of losing to a populist Le Pen and it’s only six months away.”

He continued: “The polls aren’t that much in his favour. And he’s showing the fishing communities in North of France that he’s on their side.

“And they’re a very important constituent as you have just said, very important part of the upcoming election.

“He needs to show them that he’s on their side.”

Nick Ferrari asked: “Is there also as has been and I’m sure you’ve read this rubbish on the weekend, suggestions that this is a bit of punishment for Britain Brexiting?”

Mr Taylor said: Well, absolutely. And I think it’s disgraceful that the French Prime Minister said over the weekend in a letter to the President of the European Commission-it is essential to make clear to European public opinion that leaving the union is more damaging than remaining in it.

“In other words, what are you saying is that Britain must be punished for leaving the European Union.

“Well, that’s not in his gift to decide whether Britain is punished or not.

“It’s up to Britain what it does post EU.”

He added: “But it does just go to show how desperate the French government is to paint Brexit as a disaster for Britain so the French don’t do something similar themselves.”

In the letter sent by Jean Castex to Ursula von der Leyen, it said the EU must demonstrate in the Jersey dispute that there was “more damage to leaving the EU than remaining there”.

Boris Johnson has said he was “puzzled” by the letter: “I must say I was puzzled to read a letter from the French prime minister explicitly asking for Britain to be punished for leaving the EU.

“I just have to say to everybody I don’t believe that that is compatible either with the spirit or the letter of the Withdrawal Agreement or the Trade and Cooperation agreement, and that’s probably all I’ll say about that one.”

Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron remain at loggerheads over permits for fishing boats.


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