Do Love Island stars wear their own clothes? How they never repeat outfits with an endless wardrobe

LOVE Island stars always have the perfect outfit for every pulling occasion.

Whether it's a bombshell's show-stopping dress, a dapper shirt for a first date or the strappy bikini that hugs every curve.

But do the Islanders wear their own clothes in the villa?

Love Island's official partner is fashion brand ISAWITFIRST.

The sponsor provides the Islanders with a huge wardrobe of outfits to wear in the villa.

They also meet with the Islanders ahead of the show to get an idea of their personal style.

The deal makes sure the Islanders have the latest trends to wear and never run out of clothes during their eight weeks in Mallorca.

But the fast fashion brand isn't the only store dressing the stars.

Online retailers like PrettyLittleThing and Oh Polly also send the Islanders freebies to wear on camera.

A representative for Oh Polly told OK! magazine: “Each islander takes in their own product and obviously wants to make sure that the product makes them look their best and reflects their personality.

“The result is that often they take in products that they have purchased from us in the past, including previous season items – not just gifted product.”

Liberty Poole displays a perfect example of this when she wore a red corset-style top from Oh Polly in a sexy Instagram post before the show.

The sexy top made an appearance again during one of the recouplings.

Before the show, Oh Polly gets requests from contestants' agents to asking for clothes for the selection of girls they have on stand-by for the villa.

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It's believed that they pack light for the villa because get parcels of new clothes every week.

Meanwhile, there's no specific dress code in the villa.

But the one rule they have to follow is that that they are not allowed to wear any branded clothing or footwear.

The only exception to this is the brands approved by Love Island that sponsor the show.

These include the 'R' brand the islanders wear on hats and clothes.

The logo stands for the show's official clothing sponsor Rewired -an online clothing store that sells T-shirts, hoodies and hats.

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