Does Helsinki die in Money Heist?

Netflix's Money Heist season 5 official trailer

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Money Heist season five is already off to an explosive start, with part one of the Netflix series proving devastating for some members of the gang. Helsinki (played by Darko Peric) suffers a particularly bad blow during a desperate mission that doesn’t go quite right for the group, as is their style. The scene has left some fans wondering if Helsinki died during the episode.

Does Helsinki die in Money Heist?

Helsinki or Mirko Dragic has been one of the main players of the series since season one debuted in 2017.

The character is no stranger to suffering an loss, as he had to suffocate his own brother, Oslo (Roberto Garcia), during the second season.

Oslo, or Radko Dragic, was in a vegetive state following a heist gone wrong, leaving Helsinki with the tragic option to stop his pain for good.

It established Helsinki as a man who was willing to do what it takes to survive, one that is experienced and hardened by his years in the business.

As such, he has found himself in a fair few risky missions over the first four seasons of the show, but it was in season five part one where he ended up in his worst situation yet.

During the penultimate episode of season five part one, episode four, the group is once again held up in the Royal Bank of Spain.

The military is at their doorstep and the situation is going from bad to worse, fast.

But, as long as the Professor (Alvaro Morte) is alive, there is hope the gang can make their way out with their lives.

During the chaos, the Professor finally escapes captivity, only for a grenade to explode as the military rushes in through the roof.

Helsinki is caught in the middle of the explosion, severely hurting him.

The situation looks bad, as it is almost impossible to save him from the military who are firing at the robbers.

The Professor orders the gang to split up into two teams, distracting many of the soldiers long enough to perform a rescue.

Helsinki makes it out with his life, proving once again he is the group’s own personal tank.

He will be going into season five part two, but there are no assurances he will be making it to the end of the complete season as he still needs to recover from his wounds.

How the plot will progress from part one remains to be seen, though it is clear that no one is safe in the gang.

With Helsinki scraping out of episode four, he will be on high alert going forward.

Fans have been loving the latest season, with many of them taking to Twitter to discuss season five part one.

One fan wrote: “Just finished watching Vol 1 of part 5 of Money Heist. What a great start that was. Now got to wait till December for Vol 2, hurry up December!!!”

Another added: “Binged all of Money Heist today and now I’m sad because got to wait until December!” (sic)

A third commented: “I just finished Money Heist!!! Why is it only 5 episodes!!!! And why did it leave us hanging like that!!!”

Money Heist season five part one is available to watch now, exclusively on Netflix. Season five part two will premiere on December 3.

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