‘Dynasty’ Season Finale: A Few Lingering Questions, But The Schemes Will Go On

The biggest bit of drama – will The CW renew Dynasty? – has long been resolved, with the network promising in January that the lifestyles of the scheming rich drama would return.

So last night’s season two finale could dig deep knowing that any threads need not be resolved. True, there will be changes – showrunner Sallie Patrick won’t return, and there likely will be a cast member change.  

But, for now, here’s what happened to conclude season two:

Spoiler Alert: Do No Read Further If You Have Not Seen The Friday Season Two Finale

*** A romantic moment between Fallon and Liam was spoiled. As Fallon proposed to Liam during a rowboat ride, the celebratory mood was killed when she lost his family ring overboard. A commissioned team of divers were enlisted to find it. But they found more than a ring – two bodies were discovered, including Trixie, a high school friend of Fallon’s who died at the mansion after a party. Anders told her he’d take care of it, but was vague on the details. Now she knows. The other body may be the hitman killed at midseason.

*** Liam was hit over the head with a flower pot by Adam, and fell face first into the pool. He was last seen there as the episode went to black. Is this his end? Or will he somehow survive but be altered by the experience?

* Anders will no longer be Blake’s house manager, resigning to run his new hotel. Don’t worry – he’ll take care of it.

*** Dominique Deveraux helped Jeff fake his death and frame Adam for murder, but only did half he job. She helped her son disappear, but didn’t plant the cufflink evidence that would implicate Adam in exchange for Blake’s continued financial support.

Dynasty will return in September for season three.

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