EastEnders fans convinced they've already figured out Sharon's next lover after shameless 'rebound' flirting

EASTENDERS fans are convinced they know who Sharon Watts' next lover will be after ex Phil Mitchell ended things for good.

The Queen Vic landlady – who is played by actress Letitia Dean in the BBC soap – finally accepted her relationship with Phil was over after decades of on and off again drama.

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And now they think she has set her sights on Kheerat Panesar.

The pair shared a flirty exchange last night.

“Sharon, can I have some champagne on ice and a bar tab set up please?” Kheerat said to her.

He then offered to help her with a delivery, but she declined and instead asked him if he knew of any flats going.

“It’s okay I can manage I am looking for a flat I don’t suppose you know anywhere?” she said.

“Unfortunately, you’re far too classy to be one of our tenants,” Kheerat replied. 

“And you’re far too charming to be my landlord,” she smiled back.

And after the pair both insulted Phil, fans think there’s chance of a romance on the cards.

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One wrote: "Are Kheerat and Sharon going to get together? Now they’ve had the same early flirty scenes the likes of Kat and Phil had? #EastEnders"

A second said: "Oh, God… is Sharon after Kheerat now? She really doesn't stop #Eastenders."

Another added: "#EastEnders Sharon Trying To Make A Move On Kheerat? Ooh, Ooh."

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