EastEnders: Katy Lewis’s exit storyline explained

MICK Carter finally reported child abuser Katy Lewis to the police last month in EastEnders after months of struggling to come to terms with the abuse.  

Here’s the lowdown on her exit from the BBC One soap…

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What do we know about Katy Lewis’s exit storyline?

Mick sealed Katy’s exit in recent scenes when he reported her to the police.

Last night, viewers watched Mick head to the police station to go over his statement about Katy. 

But it’s not yet clear whether the abuser will be arrested, or whether she’ll realise she’s busted and flee Walford. 

So viewers will have to wait and see.

After months of struggling to come to terms with the abuse, Mick finally confronted Katy in the new year about what she’d put him through as a child. 

The former pub owner then told Linda about the abuse.

Shirley was the next to discover the truth, overhearing Katy threatening to tell the police Mick raped her if he told them anything. 

Shirley booted Katy out onto the street and violently lashed out at her until she was left cowering on the floor. 

Will Katy Lewis escape justice?

Viewers know that Katy is a master manipulator who initially managed to convince Mick that he’d imagined the abuse – and that he wasn’t Frankie’s father. 

And now Katy is trying to manipulate Frankie into believing that Mick raped her.

But luckily Frankie isn’t falling for her mother’s lies.

Will Katy be brought to justice or will she worm her way out of it?

With EastEnders keeping shtum, viewers will have to tune into find out.

However, speaking about her character's fate, Simone Lahbib – who plays Katy in the soap – told What’s On TV: “Personally, I really want Mick to report her. I really want to see Katy Lewis get her just desserts and justice to be served.

“I hope it goes beyond Shirley beating her up and that she goes to prison!”

What happened to Mick in EastEnders?

Mick was abused by his care worker Katy Lewis after he was put in care as a child.

EastEnders viewers quickly realised that something wasn’t right when Frankie dropped the bombshell that she was his estranged daughter earlier this month.

The small age gap between the father and daughter left fans wondering if Mick had been abused. 

And it seems viewers were right as Frankie tried to get Mick to see the truth about the abuse her mother inflicted upon him after learning he was only 12 when he fathered her.

But Mick, who has clearly remained in denial about the abuse for years, continued to insist that it was just an affair.

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