EastEnders' Lacey Turner says her daughter Dusty is 'an amazing but incredibly bossy' big sister to their baby Trilby

LACEY Turner praised her daughter Dusty as "an amazing but incredibly bossy" big sister to their newborn son.

The 32-year-old EastEnders star opened up about motherhood and how the family has adapted since the arrival of Trilby Fox. 

The actress, who plays Stacey Slater in the BBC soap, gave birth to her second child with husband Matt Kay in February.

Speaking to Loose Women about how Dusty is doing, Lacey said: "She's so amazing, incredibly bossy.

"She is the best babysitter I've ever had.

"I've got her a pram that is her height, so she pushes him around the kitchen."

Lacey also told viewers that she loves to see her 19 month-old daughter playing with her little brother.

She added: "It's hard, I miss my sleep but it is so lovely. It'll be so lovely when we're able to go out. It's lovely seeing them together. It just fills your heart."

Lacey added she "still can't believe she had a boy" as she explained that she comes from a family of mostly girls. 

Explaining her son's name, she told the panel: "We worked with someone and she had a sister called Trilby Fox and I just loved the name and saved it for when I had a boy which I never thought I would."

The soap star also opened up on her son being premature and their scary experience in hospital.

Trilby was born at 36 weeks and spent two days in a a special care unit for babies after it was discovered he had fluid on his lungs.

She said: "It was like whoosh. I went into bed and pretended like it didn't happen, before I went to hospital.

"I was one month early as I wasn't too scared, but the scary bit was after as he was so tiny and had loads of tubes and everything.

"I had to go in by myself but he was there throughout the whole birth. 

"It would be so hard and horrible to do that on your own. Two hours after, he had to go. Trilby was whisked away straight away. 

"I saw myself panicking as I needed him to come to the shower with me to help me. I rushed myself out of bed and showered in case I needed anything."

Lacey was spotted on set just eight days after she gave birth to finish shooting her scenes after she went into early labour.

The actress explained: "I had such a quick birth so I didn't really have a tough time. I had a whole night's sleep so I actually felt really good.

"I gave myself five days, called them and told them not to panic as I could do a couple of scenes. It was lovely actually."

Lacey previously admitted she ignored her pregnancy for three weeks over fears she would miscarry.

Lacey and Matt had two heartbreaking miscarriages before conceiving her daughter Dusty, who was born in July 2019.

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