EastEnders: Lacey Turner's exit ‘explained’

LACEY Turner’s exit storyline has been revealed as her character Stacey Slater faces a stint in prison.

Stacey is looking at time behind bars after her love rival Ruby Allen wrongly accused her of shoving her down the stairs and causing her miscarriage in the BBC One soap. 

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What will Stacey’s exit storyline be?

Stacey’s exit will centre around her ongoing feud with her former best friend Ruby Allen.

Spoilers have revealed that Stacey and Martin have a final showdown this week as her hearing looms. 

But, when Stacey fails to reach a resolution with Martin, Jean promises her she’ll take care of everything at home.

Viewers will then see Stacey head off with her holdall to await her fate.

As she prepares to leave, however, Martin tells Ruby he’s worried about the kids following an incident with Lily, who can’t believe how her mum is being treated.

After a conversation with Will Mitchell about how Honey’s injury brought his family closer together, there’s a loud thump and Lily is found at the bottom of the stairs. 

Will Lily’s accident force Ruby to retract her statement against Stacey?

Why is Lacey Turner leaving EastEnders?

Lacey made her comeback to EastEnders in September 2020, but subsequently she announced that she was pregnant with her second child and would be taking maternity leave. 

Speaking to OK! at the time, Lacey said: “We feel so lucky to be expecting our second baby, as it took so long to get Dusty."

The star had two heartbreaking miscarriages before conceiving her first daughter Dusty, who they welcomed into the world in July 2019.

"It took so long with Dusty," she added. "But now they’re coming along like buses! After the heartbreak we went through, it’s a miracle to fall pregnant so quickly."

In February, Lacey and her husband Matt Kay welcomed their baby boy Trilby.

Is Stacey leaving EastEnders for good?

Last September, a source told The Daily Star that Stacey's exit in 2021 would only be temporary: “Lacey will be taking a break. The top bosses agreed to give her some time off from the show.

“This is a great opportunity for the writers to come up with something big for Lacey to get her teeth into.

“She has always been a big hit with fans. There is no doubt they will really miss her while she’s off screen.”

The actress was taken aback by the backlash she received after it was announced she would be taking another break from the show last year. 

Speaking on Loose Women, Lacey said: “I had no idea until watching your programme, so I had a little look after I found that out and I was sort of in shock, really.

“I was surprised that people – I was trying to figure out why people were so angry.

“But at the same time, I have to take it as a compliment that maybe you missed having Stacey on the Square so much that I just take it as a compliment."

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