EastEnders spoilers: Sheree Trueman schemes against son Isaac and girlfriend Lola Pearce

EASTENDERS fans are set to see Sheree Trueman get to work scheming against her son Isaac and girlfriend Lola Pearce on the BBC soap.

Sheree (played by Suzette Llewellyn) is not happy to hear about her son being trolled online.

She's never been 100% behind Isaac's relationship with Lola (Danielle Harold) and now she's set to use her latest discovery as an excuse to split the couple up.

Teacher Isaac (Stevie Basaula) is currently in a mental health unit recovering from a schizophrenic episode.

When Amy uploads a social media post on mental health, parents at the school leave nasty comments calling for Isaac to be sacked.

Meanwhile Lola has been continuing her visits to Isaac, which Sheree is more than a little surprised to hear of.

Sheree then goes on to tell Lola to break up with Isaac, persuading her that it’s the right thing to do.

On a return visit to Isaac, Lola breaks the news to him.

Later, Lola is not impressed with Peter seemingly checking in on her before letting slip that Ben put him up to it.

Unimpressed, Lola confronts Ben about his meddling.

In June Isaac was sectioned after he stopped taking his schizophrenia medication.

EastEnders has been working with the mental health charity Mind on the storyline. 

Speaking about it, actor Stevie Basaula recently said: “This is close to my heart, to be telling Isaac’s story is a privilege.

“I hope it will start a dialogue for people to have conversations about mental health and that anyone living with the condition will feel seen.

“Working with Mind has been so useful, I spoke to a young man who bravely shared his story and it was inspiring to learn how he’s managing  his condition.

“There’s so much we think we know about schizophrenia, but it’s often not the reality for people living with the condition."

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