Edwina Currie in furious clash with Ken Livingstone over MPs jobs ‘You didn’t declare’

GB News: Edwina Currie clashes with Ken Livingstone

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Edwina Currie slammed Ken Livingstone for being a “hypocrite” since the former mayor of London did not declare the money he earned from second jobs. MPs have come under scrutiny for holding second jobs after Tory parliamentarian Owen Paterson was found to have breached lobbying rules. GB News host Dan Wootton questioned the pair on their views on the issue, sparking a bit of a clash between the pair.

Speaking to GB News, former mayor of London Ken Livingstone said: “Well, if someone wants to spend a bit of time working as a nurse, or lawyer defending some person who’s just got a real problem or something like that, you can just about live with that.

“But to be employed by a corporation earning over 100,000 pounds a year.

“This is wrong.”

Dan Wootton said: “I mean, Edwina, you must accept that this situation with Jeffrey Cox looks incredibly bad.”

Edwina Currie replied: “Hang on a minute, if I may.

I mean, did that apply to Ken himself when he was an MP? I don’t think so.


“And he was forced to apologise to the House of Commons.”

She added: “So one law for Ken and one law for everybody else it looks like.”

Mr Livingstone said: “The only money I got as an MP was writing articles for newspapers, or appearing on shows like this or something like that.

“I was never working for another corporation.” 

Ms Currie said: “Yeah, but you and I were in the same speaking agencies, and you will get three, four, or five pounds.

And you were not declaring it. 

You didn’t want anybody to know about it. 

I mean, at least now, we know about these amounts of money. 

And then the question arises as to whether that’s the right thing to do.

“But to hide it, to hide it. That’s the height of hypocrisy!”


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