Elite season 3 Netflix release date: Will there be another series of Elite?

Spanish drama Elite returned to Netflix in September 2019 with the second series of the high-school drama. Based in Las Encinas, the likes of Polo (played by Álvaro Rico) and Nadia (Mina El Hammani) returned for season two and the good news is, they’ll likely return in another series. Showrunner Diego Avalos revealed all on Elite season three prior to the second series’ release.

Will there be another series of Elite on Netflix?

There’s cause for celebration among Elite fans as season three has already been confirmed.

The series was renewed before season two was even released on Netflix.

Director of Spanish Netflix Originals Avalos broke the news during a press conference in August, according to Variety.

The Netflix boss said: “We support the creativity of our creators.

“When Carlos (Montero) and Darío (Madrona) [showrunners] brought us season two, we could see that we could raise the bar in characters and stories and production values,”

Montero added: “I don’t know how much more money the series cost [this season],

“But I have the sense the series achieved a leap in quality and, also, that I made the series I wanted to, and that’s a rare sensation,”

With the second season setting the bar high, season three is bound to be bigger and better.

When will Elite season 3 be released?

The release date for the third series is still unknown.

However, there are some clues that can be taken from previous seasons of Elite to guess when it may be.

Elite season one dropped in its entirety on Netflix on October 5, 2018.

Season two arrived on September 6, 2019, again on Netflix.

Therefore, if Elite season three follows a similar timeframe, fans may be able to expect it in August next year.

Express.co.uk will update this article once the release date is announced.

In the meantime, all 16 episodes of seasons one and two can be streamed and downloaded till your heart’s content.

As its a Netflix Original series, Elite won’t be released on the likes of Amazon Prime, Hulu or Sky.

Elite season 2 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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