Elizabeth Married At First Sight Australia: Where is Elizabeth from MAFSA now?

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Married At First Sight Australia is a unique dating series which sees individuals paired up by romance experts. The difference is, the couples do not meet in person until their wedding day, and it has caused plenty of drama. Elizabeth was one of the season six participants and here’s all you need to know about where she is now.

Where is Elizabeth from MAFSA now?

Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sam Ball were the seventh couple to tie the knot on the Australian version of the reality show.

Elizabeth was a 27-year-old store manager from New South Wales and Sam was a 26-year-old Tradie.

Sam ended up leaving the experiment temporarily for family reasons and Elizabeth was worried about their future.

He did not keep in contact with her while he was away, but showed up unannounced at one of the dinner parties.

This was not the only thing that shocked Elizabeth, as she found out he was at the centre of an affair rumour.

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Sam had been accused of seeing MAFSA co-star, Ines Basic, behind Elizabeth’s back.

Ines had been paired with Bronson Norrish, but following their Queensland honeymoon Ines realised it was not meant to be.

Due to her relationship with Sam, both Elizabeth and Bronson left the experiment before it ended.

Elizabeth then took part in a later season of the show, and she married Seb Guilhaus.

Sadly this partnership was not meant to be either, and the pair broke up at the start of 2021.

Two years have passed since her first appearance on the show and she has since taken part in the All-Stars reunion special.

Two episodes aired in Australia at the end of January 2021 and they included the most memorable participants from across all seven seasons.

Elizabeth, also known as Lizzie, is on Instagram and she spoke of how she still wakes up in the middle of the night in disbelief that she was part of a reality TV show.

She said she had met some “cool people” as well as some “intense people” and “some downright narcissistic idiots”.

Fans have been showing her plenty of support following her break-up with Seb, as she posted a photo saying: “Thank you to everyone who helped me get out of my head this week.”

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One viewer said: “So sad about the breakup but time heals,” while another added: “Wishing you all the very best, time heals everything.”

Lizzy and Seb released a joint statement on social media announcing the end of their relationship, saying they still respected each other and would remain a part of each other’s lives.

Since then the former reality star has gone back to promoting beauty products and dishing out beauty advice to fans.

Back in April 2020 she shared a video of herself during season six of MAFSA, saying: “My kittens, I’m a force and I’m proud of that.

“No matter where my life takes me I’ll be myself and continue to grow. Let me state this as well, you are all warriors and you are all worth it. Life gives you lemons, you better grind at that sour and make something so beautifully sweet.”

The star does not regret her time on the series but she admitted some of the comments she received still hurt her.

Fans accused Sam of “fat-shaming” after he said he had not previously been with women “as big as her”.

He had said: “She’s got a beautiful face… Maybe I’ll get her running in the mornings… but she’ll be right. We’ll get her going.”

Lizzie had become emotional during the All-Stars reunion when she discussed the comments, saying she could “never forgive” Sam for what he said.

Married At First Sight Australia airs from Monday to Friday on E4

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