Emmerdale fans ‘solve’ identity of Gabby’s stalker as they’re sure it’s Joe Tate

Emmerdale fans are sure they’ve solved the identity of Gabby Thomas’ stalker – and it isn’t her ex Jamie Tate.

Instead, eagle-eyed fans are sure that the figure Gabby is watching on the CCTV tapes is actually former regular Joe Tate, especially after Kim mentioned him last year during the poisoning saga.

With her son Jamie eventually revealed as the poisoner, Kim was sure that a bouquet of flowers had been sent to her by Joe, leaving fans certain he was set for a comeback.

Though they ended up being from Jamie after all, the hype around Joe hasn’t yet died down, especially as he was never officially killed off.

Teasers for next week’s batch of episodes have revealed that Gabby’s anxiety is set to rise after learning Jamie is still alive after faking his own death, with things ramping up as Billy and Dawn spot a mysterious figure on the CCTV at Home Farm.

Gabby later spots the hooded figure for herself, and finds a suspicious gift for Thomas which convinces her that Jamie could be back for revenge – or to steal her son.

But fans are sure it isn’t Jamie that left the gift.

Taking to Reddit, one fan wrote: “Ok so I'm trying my best to avoid spoilers for this week coming but after seeing that CCTV footage I think that looked an awful lot like Jamie.

“What do you think? Or who do you think it was?”

Someone else was sure the character can’t be returning, as actor Alexander Lincoln has been busy filming other projects.

They explained: “Unless they recast the role, then it's a fakeout. Alexander Lincoln's spent the past month alternating between promoting that indie movie he's the lead in as a gay rugby player at film festivals and being in Morocco filming something (no idea what; the only project I know that was filming there in April was season two of Amazon's The Wheel of Time but I doubt it's that even if he's the right height for an Aielman).

“He only just came back to the UK at the beginning of this past week so if it's Jamie then he either filmed a very short cameo or they cast a new actor.”

As another gushed: “It was Joe Tate.”

Another fan penned on Twitter: “Everyone is thinking the figure in the woods is Jamie… Could it be Joe?”

“It’s too obvious to be Jamie making a comeback – what if it’s Joe Tate?? It’s a long shot but please be Joe Tate!!! #emmerdale,” someone else said.

Joe actor e actor Ned Porteous has also had fans scratching their heads after posting a rather cryptic snap to his Instagram.

Stripping shirtless for the hunky picture, Ned tagged his location as the North Pole – leading some amateur detectives to surmise that he was actually back in Leeds filming for Emmerdale.

Someone commented on the snap: “I’m guessing he’s back on the farm baby with the suss caption!”

“Come back to Emmerdale, please!” another begged.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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