Emmerdale fans think they've solved VERY dark motive behind Cathy Hope's new crush

EMMERDALE fans think they've cracked Cathy Hope's VERY dark motive behind her new crush.

The schoolgirl – played by Gabrielle Dowling in the ITV soap – has become fixated on Ellis Chapman in recent weeks.

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Last night Cathy and Ellis' younger sister April Windsor (Amelia Flanagan) were picking up some bits from Farrer's Barn when he walked in.

Cathy's eyes lit up when the personal trainer (Aaron Anthony) appeared and she tried her best to show off her best flirting skills – despite being ten years younger than him.

The youngster said to him: "You must be dead fit?"

Ellis replied very innocently: "You know, occupational hazards, personal trainers kind of have to look the part.

"But don't tell anyone… I'm just about to go and grab some fizzy cherries. They're my favourite."

Cathy replied with a smile on her face: "Mine too!"

As he walked off, the school girl said to April: "We're soo connected…

"Maybe I could come to yours later to do a TikTok or something? Do you think Ellis will be there?"

But Cathy doesn't know that Ellis has eyes for someone else – his dad's ex fiance Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade).

As he picked up his favourite sweeties, he bumped into the business manager and they started talking about their go-to snacks.

Meanwhile, the girls went back to April's and Cathy made it clear that she wanted Ellis to herself.

She told April: "I bet he'd freak if he knew I was here right now..

"Have you not seen the way he smiles at me? Maybe you should text him to come over…"

It then became clear that the school girl was only using April to get closer to her older brother.

But desperate to make friends, April decided to help Cathy and left a little packet of fizzy cherries in the living room from her pal.

When Ellis returned home, he instantly thought they were from Priya because of the conversation they had earlier in the shop.

Viewers of the hit show have been left creeped out by Cathy's new obsession and hope that it doesn't get Ellis in trouble.

One wrote on Twitter: "#emmerdale Cathy is so weirdly creepy, pushy and sleazy. Totally makes my skin crawl. Really hope this storyline ends ASAP and she doesn't harm April and Ellis."

A second said: "Oh no" I hope the writers are not going to let Cathy get Ellis into trouble, don't go down that path #EMMERDALE."

A third added: "Is this some weird underage thing going on with Cathy? #Emmerdale."

A fourth chimed in: "Cathy flirting with Ellis. She’s a damn kid. #Emmerdale."

A fifth said: "You can see where this Cathy story going… she has a crush on Ellis she will probably say he’s been abusing her… can see it happening #emmerdale."

Other fans were left FUMING that Cathy has been grooming April to get closer to her brother.

This isn't the first time Cathy has pushed viewers' buttons.

The rebellious teen invited 11-year-old April into a group chat with the rest of her year nine gal pals.

Knowing that they are all discussing things that they shouldn't, Cathy told April to keep it all a secret.

But it looks like this is all in Cathy's twisted plan to get closer to Ellis…

What will she do next?

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