Emmerdale kidnap horror as Mackenzie Boyd steals Johnny Woodfield in devastating twist?

Emmerdale: Mackenzie Boyd discusses Eric's collapse

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Mackenzie (played by Lawrence Robb) has almost become a different character since he turned up in the Emmerdale village last year as he has become besotted with Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins). The pair have become the Bonnie and Clyde of the ITV soap, stirring up trouble by dipping their toes into the world of criminal enterprise. However, in future episodes of the weeknight serial drama, Moira Barton’s (Natalie J Robb) brother could take drastic action to ensure his partner is happy, which could involve stealing Johnny (Luca Hepworth).

In episodes airing this week, viewers have been overjoyed by the return of Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick), who hasn’t been seen in the village for over a year and a half.

She has been left devastated to see Charity in a relationship with Mackenzie, the man the stalwart cheated on the mother-of-one with.

Now in a new romance of her own, Vanessa will try to move on with her life and raise her son with her partner, cutting her former lover out of his life.

Even though she has four children of her own, Charity will want to see Johnny as he became like a fourth son to her.

This is where Mackenzie could come in as he realises his girlfriend is pining to be a mother to her former stepson.

The drama begins when Vanessa has some news to tell Charity after previously returning to the village for a short stay.

She informs her former lover she is going to make a permanent comeback to the Dales with her son Johnny and her new partner.

This leaves the stalwart stumped as she was hoping to embark on her relationship with Mackenzie without Vanessa looking over their shoulder.

With her ex-girlfriend living in the village, Charity makes the request she gets to spend some time with Johnny after not seeing him for the best part of a year.

They end up arguing as it seems the mother of one isn’t keen on her criminal ex spending time with her young son.

Mackenzie was going to be quite evil

Lawrence Robb

Believing he has to do everything to make his partner happy, Mackenzie could put his criminal ways into use by kidnapping the youngster.

This would allow Charity the time she has wanted to spend with him but stealing the child would cause havoc back in the Dales.

Vanessa would be left devastated as she would not know where her son is, or who he is with for that matter but her first thought would be to blame her former lover.

Charity would make it clear she hasn’t got anything to do with Johnny’s disappearance and is just as worried about the boy.

However, she could be left furious when she discovers it is her boyfriend who stole the youngster so she could spend time with him.

This could work to her advantage, however, as she could return to the village with the youngster in her arms which could lead Vanessa to warrant her a hero.

Charity could explain she found Johnny wandering around the outskirts of the Dales as he was sad his mother and former stepmother were arguing.

The pair could agree to bury the hatchet for Johnny’s sake and in doing so, this could bring them closer as Vanessa lets her ex spend time with her son.

Mackenzie would be heartbroken as he would watch his girlfriend fall back in love with her ex-girlfriend as they raise the boy together.

Will Moira’s brother admit defeat and break up from Charity or will he take action to ensure she is his and no one else’s?

The actor who plays Mackenzie, Lawrence, has spoken about how his character has changed since he first arrived in the village.

Lawrence explained: “I always knew that Mack was going to be someone that people would either hate to love or love to hate.

“My initial idea was that he was going to be quite evil, yet Mack’s kind of morphed into someone who’s always getting up to no good.

“But actually his heart is in the right place – especially when it comes to family, and now I guess Charity,” he continued.

On his alter-ego’s relationship, the soap star added: “No one really knew what way it was going to go the entire time – though I think Mack had genuinely fallen for Charity.”

“I guess with any ‘Friends With Benefits’ scenario, emotions start to get heightened and feelings develop, even though they didn’t want them to,” Lawrence explained.

“I know that Charity is certainly more in denial than Mack, whereas he’s slightly straighter in expressing how he feels.

“Mack wanted to commit, he’s just not very good at it,” the actor added in an interview with Inside Soap, hinting his character does struggle to get things right.

Will he regret making the decision to steal Johnny’s from Vanessa as he realises his relationship could be put in jeopardy?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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