Emmerdale spoilers: Lydia Hart breaks down in tears as she tries to leave the village after revealing she’s the mother of the dead baby buried at the school

LYDIA Hart will plan to leave Emmerdale next week in heart-breaking scenes that see her finally confront her tragic past.

Lydia, who was dramatically revealed as teen mother Jenny Finn last week before handing herself into the police, will be seen telling fiancé Sam Dingle that she wants to leave, but he refuses to let her.

But when she steps outside for some air, Lydia – who’s played by Karen Blick in the ITV soap – secretly calls for a taxi to come and pick her up. A distraught Sam will rush after her and try to stop her from leaving by standing in front of the car.

His plan seems to be working but, when he becomes distracted, the taxi pulls away.

The cab is then seen pulling up near to the site where the remains of the baby were found at the school, but Lydia quickly changes her mind and asks the driver to take her to the train station instead.

She’s stunned to find Sam there waiting for her and even more so when he offers to go with her to the burial site.

Sam – James Hooten – then tells her that he’ll let her go with no fight if she doesn’t find visiting the baby’s resting place helpful.

Lydia agrees and they head off together. Once there, Lydia breaks down and allows herself to finally grieve for the baby but where do she and Sam go from here? And will she ever be able to forgive herself for what happened?

Meanwhile Emmerdale fans have come up with a theory about Lydia and her baby tragedy.

Many think she was raped by Frank Tate and the child was a result of the attack.

One person wrote on Twitter: "So now the rumours are Frank Tate is the baby daddy! Did he rape Lydia when she was a kid??"

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Another viewer said: "This has the late Frank Tate all over it – I'll just leave my #Emmerdale fan theory, here (please read the poster)…"

Another commented: "Lydia Hart/Jenny Finn literally buried her tragic past at the school grounds… And Frank Tate was the 'baby daddy'."

The bones of a baby were found at the school last week before police confirmed that the mother was a 16-year-old called Jenny Finn who had gone missing from a local children’s home, Hotten Grange.

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